King of Knights, Alfred Budget Deck


King of Knights, Alfred

With the release of G Comic Booster (titled “Vanguard And Deletor”), many people keep talking about the power that the Link Joker Deletors have, especially with their mechanic of making the vanguard defenseless through their main mechanic. Though this is the case, people underestimate the unit known as King of Knights, Alfred, a unit from a bygone era in the game. With the release of the new set, he has a lot of potential, especially for the budget player. Why is this? This is why: a good decklist can be made from rares, commons, and a smidgen of promos and trial deck cards.

Through testing, I have seen the possibilities that the Royal Paladins have in field presence and guard power that they have. With this in mind, I wanted to focus on these positive aspects while assuring that there were mechanics in place to safeguard against loss by deck out. With that in mind, here is the deck list:

G Units
4x Shrouded Divine Knight, Gablade
4x Great Sage of Contradiction, Jirron

Grade 3 Units
4x King of Knights, Alfred
4x King of Knights’ Vanguard, Ezzell

Grade 2 Units
3x Knight of Determination, Lamorak (10K base)
4x Salvation Sage, Benon
3x Swordsman of Light, Blaster Axe Grawl
1x Techgal

Grade 1 Units
4x Flash Shield, Iseult (perfect guard)
4x Hidden Sage, Mirron
3x Laurel Knight, Sicilus (stride helper)
3x Knight of the Gale, Hudiplus

Grade 0 Units
4x Burning Mane Lion (Critical)
2x Impact Seeker, Modron (Critical)
4x Margal (Draw)
2x Little Fairy of Assault Captain (Draw)
4x Player of the Flash, Niviane (Heal)
1x Guidepost Sage, Elron (Starter)

The G zone for this deck mainly focuses around Shrouded Divine Knight, Gablade. Not only is he a good budget option, but he calls one grade 2 from deck on hit. This can potentially lead to combos, such as calling Salvation Sage, Benon to create a column for attacking. Jirron, the other stride in this deck list, mainly serves as a finisher, who can create amazing columns with the placement of a unit that is 10k power or above. This mechanic also can make a Benon placement potentially create a column that could force a 10k shield on attack with boost (when, otherwise, would only force a 5k shield).

The grade 3’s consist of King of Knights, Alfred and his revival legion (also known as King of Knights’ Vanguard, Ezzell). Alfred gets amazing power boosts when you are able to fill your field, and also has an ability that can call a unit that is grade 2 or less. His revival legion adds to his potential, both in power and in field presence. For starters, Alfred can still gain his power for each unit on field when he is in legion with Ezzell, since the power gain ability is a vanguard skill. Secondly, Ezzell can call one grade 2, one grade 1, and one grade 0 by discarding a copy of the vanguard circle and a soul blast 2 when in legion.

Salvation Sage, Benon

Salvation Sage, Benon

The grade 2’s focus on field pluses and column fixing. Lamorak (or any 10k base grade 2 that you use) is the deck’s best grade 2 ride, since it supplies good defense against some grade 2 rushes (like you see in Aqua Force decks with units like Tidal Assault). Otherwise, Lamorak is also good for fixing columns that may have a grade 1 6k booster. Benon, the reason that one runs 6k grade 1’s in this deck, supplies the deck with a way to build a field easily and consistently. On rear guard placement, Benon calls a grade 1 with 6k base power to the same column as Benon. This supplies a good way to build field while conserving your hand. Blaster Axe Grawl is in the deck to supply another option of fixing power in columns, since he gains 5k power for the turn if a unit is called from deck and the player has a vanguard with “Alfred” in it’s card name. Techgal may seem like a bad option, but his generation break skill allows him to give his power to a unit in front of him with a soul blast 1 and rest. This is particularly good with Alfred on his own or with Ezzell while in legion, since they cannot be boosted normally according to their respective continuous skills.

The grade 1’s focus on supporting guard power and stride potential. Since Benon can only call grade 1’s with 6k base power, there are two units that are not perfect guards that are best for his ability. Mirron allows the player to draw a card when placed from deck with a soul blast 1. Hudiplus is a unit that allows the player to use him in the guardian circle as a 15k shield as long as you discard a card and have a vanguard with “Alfred” in the card name. Iseult is a rare perfect guard from the G Comic Booster, and you will need it in competitive play against high-powered vanguards. Sicilus is the stride helper, which is in the deck so you can conserve your grade 3’s for rear guard plays or legion skill costs.


Guidepost Sage, Elron

The trigger lineup for this deck consists of 6 draw triggers, 6 critical triggers, and 4 heal triggers. I found that this trigger lineup contains good draw power for the legion (since you need to get copies of the vanguard for the legion skill) and consistent pressure. The only trigger worth noting further is Margal, which allows you to fill soul with his skill. The starter (Eluron) is able to call a unit grade 2 or less as long as you have a vanguard with “Alfred” in the name with his cost, and he supplies another way of filling soul.

One note: Techgal and Mirron take up soul blast, so be careful when using the skill or you could deny yourself the soul blast needed to use Ezzell’s legion persona skill.

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comments section.


Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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