Card of the Week: Light Elemental, Sunny


Light Elemental, Sunny

Welcome to Cardfight Lab Tech’s first card of the week, and man is it adorable!

So where do we begin? First of all, it’s a perfect guard that can be used with any clan/nation. In other words, this perfect guard can be used in every deck imaginable in the game. Secondly, this is the official participation promo for December, which means that playing in tournaments this month can result in receiving this promotional card. This fact in and of itself is a pretty solid bonus as some clans have pretty pricey perfect guards (looking at you Gust Jinn) to which this card provides an alternative.

With all this good news, there are some downsides to this promotional perfect guard. For starters, you can only use it to defend your vanguard. Sunny shares this trait with the G perfect guards, and, as players with  G perfect guards can tell you, sometimes defending a rearguard with a perfect guard is more desirable. Though Sunny shares this trait with G perfect guards, it is unlike a typical G perfect guard in that this PG will not countercharge for you. If you have a counterblast heavy deck and getting some extra damage unflips would help you out, this PG will be unable to assist you in this regard.

All is not lost though as the coolest and most unique feature of this card (aside from being an elemental PG) is its interesting interaction with the G-assist mechanic. When this card is removed from your hand for G-assist, all players draw a card. Now I know this is technically still keeping your opponent ahead of you in terms of card advantage but it makes you only lose one card from your hand to g-assist instead of two (assuming that you had one Sunny in hand).  One major downside to this however is you are also removing a perfect guard from the game.

Truth be told, Sunny is a very good option for budget players who like to build more than one deck. He has the added benefit of also not hurting you as much when you g-assist. On top of that, it looks adorable! I would highly encourage any budget players to consider grabbing a play set of these because you never know what kind of deck you may want to build.

I hope you got something from our first card of the week and hopefully this will be one of many more to come!


Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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