Freezeray Dragon/Imaginary Plane Dragon Deck

Tired of clans like Aqua Force and Nova Grapplers abusing your decks with multi-attacks? Want to take some of those attacks away during your turn and their turn? Though some may not know, this is very possible, even for budget players. One such possibility is found in the Link Joker unit known as Freezeray Dragon.


Star-vader, Freezeray Dragon

Star-vader, Freezeray Dragon is a Link Joker unit that locks a card when he takes damage. Interestingly enough, this ability can trigger during both of the players’ turns, which seems to be very interesting in the stride format. This unit is also very flexible, since the skill does not require sub clan name, archetype name, limit break, legion, or generation break to activate. Here is one of the potential builds that I found personally useful:

G Units
4 Genesis Dragon, Judgement Messiah
4 Water Elemental, Madew

Grade 3 Units
4 Star-Vader, Freezeray Dragon
4 Star-Vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon (Legion)

Grade 2 Units
3 Unrivaled Star-Vader, Radon (12K Beater)
4 Strike Star-Vader, Krypton (10k Base)
4 Flash Gun Star-Vader, Osmium (Legion Mate)

Grade 1 Units
2 Mana Shot Star-Vader, Neon (10K Beater)
4 Prison Gate Star-Vader, Palladium
4 Lady Keeper of Virtual Reality (Perfect Guard)
4 Destiny Dealer (Stride Helper)

Grade 0 Units
4 Star-Vader, Apollonel Dragon (Critical)
4 Star-Vader, Null Chameleon (Critical)
4 Shockwave Star-Vader, Dysprosium (Stand)
4 Star-Vader, Pixie Powder (Heal)
1 Earnest Star-Vader, Selenium (Starter)

The main point of this deck is to attempt to keep early damage as minimal as possible and later use Freezeray’s ability to lock to keep late game attacks as minimal as possible. For this deck list, it is better to start with the grade 0’s and work our way up from there.


Shockwave Star-vader, Dysprosium

The grade 0 units of this deck mainly focus on defensive shielding. First of all, the trigger lineup of this deck consists of 8 critical triggers, 4 stand triggers, and 4 heal triggers. All of these are 10K shields, which helps in the early game if you are trying to prevent damage and in the late game if you are facing decks with glory skills (aka any skills that resemble Blue Dragon Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom). Critical triggers are run for achieving as much damage as early as possible, and the heal triggers are standard for a Vanguard deck. So why the stand triggers? Dysprosium is a special stand trigger (as shown in the picture on the right), since it can relock an opponent’s unit that is about to unlock on the opponent’s side of field during end phase (for a counterblast and putting the stand trigger to soul). This works well with Freezeray since you can keep a lock he creates through taking damage for at least one turn more. Selenium, the starter, also works well with Freezeray Dragon, since it returns to hand if a lock is placed on the opponent’s field, allowing the player to have more access to shielding.

The grade 1 and grade 2 units further this defensive strategy. Destiny Dealer allows you to stride more often, allowing you to build a bigger hand in the late game. Palladium works like Dysprosium, the player to keep locks on the opponent’s side of field. Krypton is your best turn 2 ride since his 10K base power allows the player to minimize damage.


Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon

Grade 3 units and stride units in this deck are meant to compliment Freezeray in the late game. If you are not able to ride Freezeray on turn 3, Imaginary Plane Dragon is a good backup ride for one reasons with a Star-vader booster behind this unit and it’s legion skill, it can lock three units for two counterblast. This unit also proves useful in the late game since the player has the capability of performing legion with Osmium over and over again in the late game to prevent the player from decking out. With the legion in mind, Madew allows you to retrieve a 3 if you stride on top of Freezeray or the legion, which could effectively mean that you stride for a free net cost (-1 card from hand when you stride, +1 card to hand with Madew’s skill) under the right conditions. Judgement Messiah is able to lock a unit in the opponent’s back row on hit with no counterblast cost, freeing up counterblast for Imaginary Plane Dragon’s legion skill or units with relock effects (specifically, Palladium and Dysprosium).

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comments section.


Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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