Lab Tech Challenge Winner: John Dariell M. Benabente

Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster "Diablo"

Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo”

The regional tournaments that are held each year bring out the best cardfighters in each area of the world in order to gather them for their respective continental championships. This past year, one such cardfighter went to the tournament in the Province of Cebu of the Phillipines armed with a modified trial deck to place second place and earn an invitation to the Bushiroad Continental Championships. Due to this, we as a blogging community would like to congratulate John Dariell M. Benabente on behalf of this accomplishment.

For this tournament, John focused on enhancing the G Legend Deck 1: The Dark “Ren Suzugamori” so that it could more reliably gain card advantage and field advantage. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units
4x Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo”
1x Snow Elemental, Blizza
1x Dark Knight, Efnysien
1x Dark Knight, Grim Recruiter

Grade 3 Units
4x Blaster Dark “Diablo”
4x Dark Great Mage, Badhadh Caar

Grade 2 Units
4x Bloodstained Battle Knight, Dorint
4x Dark Night Maiden, Macha
1x Unorthodox Shield, Mac Lir
1x Scornful Knight, Gyva

Grade 1 Units
3x Dark Heart Trumpeter
4x Pitch Black Sage, Charon
4x Arduous Battle Knight, Claudas
4x Little Skull Witch, Nemain (Perfect Guard)

Grade 0 Units
1x Fullbau Brave (Starter)
4x Revenger, Undead Angel (Critical)
4x Leaping Knight, Ligan Lumna (Critical)
4x Flatbau (Heal)
4x Howl Owl (Draw)

Blaster Dark "Diablo"

Blaster Dark “Diablo”

The original trial deck consisted of cards that allowed the player to build a field in order to set up for Phantom Blaster “Diablo” as the finisher against his or her field. Though this was the case, the deck suffered from not being able to stride consistently and draw consistently into a good defensive hand. With this being the case, John recognized this and made changes to accommodate for this. Blizza allowed John to set up Blaster Dark’s generation break 2 skill, which allows any card to become a grade three when using it for striding. In relation to defense, two technical options that John chose to put into his deck build were Gyva and Mac Lir. Gyva’s generation break 1 skill allows the player to draw two cards when Gyva is placed and one card is discarded, which allows the player to fix the hand. In relation to defense, Mac Lir intercepts for 15K shield if the player has one back row rearguard or less.

John, along with the deck described above, went 6 wins and 1 loss before the Top 8 cut. Then, he went on to earn second place among all of the participants. The record, along with the matchups he faced during the tournament, is below*:

Game 1: Win versus Gear Chronicle
Game 2: Win versus Dark Irregulars (Amon)
Game 3: Win versus Shadow Paladin
Game 4: Win versus Shadow Paladin
Game 5: Win versus Royal Paladin (Altmile)
Game 6: Loss versus Bermuda Triangle
Game 7: Win versus Dimension Police (Dimensional Robos)
Top 8: Win versus Royal Paladin (Altmile / Thing Saver Dragon)
Top 4: Win versus Shadow Paladin (Revenger Phantom Blaster Abyss) 
Finals:  Loss versus Angel Feather (Gavrail)

Once again, the blogging community of Cardfight Lab Tech would like to congratulate John Dariell M. Benabente for his accomplishment and recognize him as a winner for our Lab Tech Challenge.


Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

*The official Bushiroad top three deck lists for this regional tournament can be found at Josemari De la Paz, the Tournament Organizer for Cebu, Phillipines, supplied the win-loss record for this article.


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