Budget Chronojet/Balih Deck

Want to find an easy and cheap way to build the new clan, Gear Chronicle? This build of Gear Chronicle came from 2 of the new G trial decks with mods and other low-cost pieces to make an interesting time leap variant deck. Here is the list:

Grade 4 Units
1x Interdimensional Dragon, Epoch-maker Dragon
4x Interdimansional Beast, Metallica Phoenix
3x Interdimensional Beast, Upheaval Pegasus

Grade 3 Units
4x Chronojet Dragon
4x Steam Fighter, Balih

Grade 2 Units
2x Steam Fighter, Amber
2x Steam Maiden, Merianna
3x Steam Knight, Kalibum
4x History Maker Dragon

Grade 1 Units
2x Steam Breath Dragon (Stride Helper)
4x Steam Battler, Ul-gir
4x Steam Maiden, Sanilar (Perfect Guard)
4x Steam Maiden, Danish

Grade 0 Units
1x Chrono Dran (Starter)
3x Steam Battler, Dadasig (Critical)
4x Steam Scara, Ka-lanma (Critical)
4x Luckypot Dracokid (Draw)
4x Steam Maiden, Uluru (Heal)

Chronojet Dragon

Chronojet Dragon

The deck mainly operates with having a “Chronojet” heart underneath any stride the deck runs. With this in mind, the deck includes the usual grade 3 line up of Chronojet. Balih is the standard backup, which allows the player to switch to Chronojet on the vanguard circle. In addition to this, it supplies on hit pressure on rearguard with its generation break 1 skill, which allows this unit to send an opponents rearguard in the front row to the bottom of the deck.

Metallica Phoenix is the main stride for this deck as it lets the player time leap a unit when it attacks and when the stride has a “Chronojet”. This stride also acts like Blizza in helping set up Chronojet’s generation break 2. Upheaval is there for field disruption, sometimes you just need to reset the board to regain the advantage, especially against field-reliant decks (e.g. Aqua Force). Epoch-maker is a nice way to place Balih on RG for an attack to add on-hit pressure, since Balih can send an opponent’s rearguard to the bottom of the deck on hit.

Steam Knight, Kalibum

Steam Knight, Kalibum

The grade 2 units are a little wacky. History Maker Dragon is the new toy allowing the player time leap a unit whenever it attacks, it also does NOT have to be boosted. Amber and Merianna were tech choices included at 2 copies each since they are more situational and can be played using time leap. Kalibum ended up being the most important RG in the deck due to his on place ability. On placement, this unit is able to send a unit to the bottom of the deck and allows the opponent to call a unit one grade less than the unit sent back. This skill is useful in sniping the starter and revert problem cards to something less threatening whenever it is placed on RG. At times, it is worth time leaping Kalibum in order to use his skill twice in a turn.

Grade 1 and 0 units in this deck balance out the deck’s strategy of time-leaping and field disruption. For grade 1’s, Danish offers a generation break version of Kalibum’s skill. Chrono Dran can call Chronojet from the deck to the field when it undergoes time leap and allows the player to put that called Chronojet from the field to hand at the end of turn.


Images of cards came from http://cardfight.wikia.com/wiki/Cardfight!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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