Card of the Week: Snow Element, Blizza


Snow Element, Blizza

This card of the week features Snow Element, Blizza, a card that often finds itself in the G zone of many decks.

Snow Element, Blizza is an interesting card in that its effect allows you, for a single counterblast to flip one card up in your G zone, to gain 5000 power for each face up card in the G zone. From the first time he attacks, he can attack for a minimum of 31k power. This skill makes Blizza ideal as the last stride of the game, assuming you have used the majority of your strides. Though its ability to power up is useful at times, most people in the current competitive scene do not seem to be using Blizza for his sheer power. His power gain is just icing on the cake, because the main purpose of this card is to get generation break 2 skills to be active from the first turn you stride.

Using Blizza, you can activate your deck’s generation break 2 on first stride, much like Aurageyser Dragon does for Shadow Paladin. This allows certain clans to end up with generation break 2 much faster than normal. Using Darkface? Stride Blizza first to get your GB2 active right away. Using Nubatama? Use Blizza to turn on Hayakujirakan for your second stride. Most older clans or under-supported clans do not have an efficient way of activating generation break 2, but this guy helps with just that. Since he is a Cray Elemental, you can use him in any clan you want.

All in all,  there isn’t really a lot more to say about Blizza. He is a decent card that works wonders in some decks to activate generation break 2 and is even a great budget option for clans Shadow Paladins and Aqua Force that want to activate generation break 2 without spending a large amount of money on Aurageyser Dragon or Storm Dominator, Thavas respectively. Lastly, he sometimes hits your opponent for big numbers for a relatively low cost in the late game, which is rarely a downside.

We hope you enjoyed this review and will see you guys next week!


Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

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