Chain Blast Dragon / Waterfall Dragon Deck


Chain Blast Dragon

Want to play a powerful deck from the Kagero clan, but you do not want to spend the money on decks like Dragonic Overlord The End or Perdition? This deck may be the one for you. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units:
2x Rain Element, Madew
2x Divine Dragon Knight, Mahmud
4x Divine Dragon Knife, Mustafa

Grade 3 Units:
4x Dragonic Waterfall
4x Chain Blast Dragon

Grade 2 Units:
4x Beserk Dragon
4x Dragon Knight, Nehalm (10K Base)
3x Dragon Knight, Tahaz

Grade 1 Units:
4x Light Elemental Sunny (Perfect Guard)
3x Energy Flame Aethonic
3x Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara
2x Calamity Tower Wyvern
2x Lava Flow Dragon (Stride Helper)

Grade 0 Units:
1x Red Pulse Dracokid (Starter)
4x Dragon Knight, Rashid (Critical)
4x Lizard Soldier, Goraha (Critical)
4x Gattling Claw Dragon (Draw)
4x Dragon Dancer, Therese (Heal)

The deck focuses on utilizing plays that revolve around having grade 3 units in hand that can either be used to gain cards through striding or activating certain skills from the grade 3 units in the deck. The main grade 3 units in deck are Dragonic Waterfall and Chain Blast Dragon. When Dragonic Waterfall is the vanguard, the player has the option of discarding a grade 3 unit from hand when the vanguard Waterfall attacks. If this cost is paid on attack, the skill will give Waterfall 10K additional power, which can be used for a high pressure early game or a final game push. Also, it is important to point out that Waterfall’s skill is not a generation break skill or a limit break skill, which makes this skill very useful in certain early games. The other grade 3 unit, Chain Blast Dragon, focuses on more on retiring units from the opponent’s field. His limit break can retire up to three of your opponent’s rearguards for a counterblast of one and discarding two grade three units from hand. Each of the grade 3 units mentioned are able to have a good early game and mid game, even if the player has many grade 3 units in hand. This is very useful since having too many grade 3 units in hand normally is a detriment to the player in the early game due to the lack of shield they supply.


Divine Dragon Knight, Mustafa

Grade 4 units in this deck cater to the the grade 3 units in this deck by supplying grade 3 units to hand and following the retiring strategy of the Kagero clan. When striding on Dragonic Waterfall with Rain Element, Madew, the player can retrieve one grade 3  unit from drop due to Madew’s skill (specifically, when Madew strides on a vanguard with 10K base power or less, it allows the player to put a grade 3 unit from the drop zone to hand). Mahmud is able to retire one rearguard unit on the opponent’s field when it hits a vanguard. Mustafa can retire one rearguard on the opponent’s field for a counterblast and flipping one grade 4 unit in the G zone face up. Then, for each face up Mustafa in the G zone, you can choose a unit on your field and give each unit you choose the skill to countercharge one damage when it hits the vanguard. This countercharging ability helps the deck retire while being able to free up more counterblast for skills in the late game.



Dragon Knight, Tanaz

The rest of the deck expands upon the retire mechanics found in the deck and help the player to gather resources for the late game. First of all, there are several options available to the player for retiring opponent rearguards. Kimnara is able to retire an opponent’s grade 1 rearguard for a counterblast and putting this unit to soul. Gattling Claw Dragon has the same ability except that it retires a grade 0 unit instead of a grade 1 unit. Berserk Dragon can retire one rearguard when placed for two counterblast. Secondly, cards are available in the deck that help the player draw and countercharge damage. Calamity Tower Wyvern allows the player to draw when placed and for two soul blast. Aethonic countercharges two damage when one of your opponent’s rearguards is put to drop zone due to one or your units effects and is put to soul.  Red Pulse Dracokid is a grade 3 searcher, which helps the player ride grade 3 and gather grade 3 units in hand to either stride or pay the cost of the grade 3 skills (Waterfall or Chain Blast). In addition to all of these options, Dragon Knight, Tahaz is in the deck to help with finishing the game as a offensive threat. Specifically, Tahaz’s generation break allows her to gain 5k power when a unit is retired on your opponent’s field from the effect from one of you cards. Since this ability for gaining power stacks, Tahaz can be used as a great way to finish off the opponent.

In addition to the deck list, there are some additional things to consider about this build. Testing this deck revealed the flexibility of the build in relation to personal play style and choice of cards do to this deck being primarily made up of Kagero cards that do not belong to a particular sub-clan. This deck may benefit from running nine grade 3 units due to some skills being reliant on having them in hand. Another grade 3 unit you can put into this deck or use to replace certain units with would be Dragonic Blademaster. This grade 3 unit would be favorable if the player wishes to focus more on striding. The trigger line up in this deck may also benefit from having 6 draws, 6 critical triggers, and 4 heal triggers, since this allows you to draw more into units that you need for attacking or defending. The deck list featured above contains a trigger line up that is more offensive in nature, and it is up to the player running the deck on which trigger line up is optimal.

Hopefully, this deck will allow you to play Kagero in a different and cheaper way. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the deck list!

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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