Card of the Week: Honorary Assistant, Mikesaburo


Honorary Assistant, Mikesaburo

Hello, and welcome to another card of the week! This week’s card is from the new Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter set, and it is quite the adorable addition to the set at that. This card is named Honorary Assistant, Mikesaburo, and he is ready to assist you.

Beyond its cute appearance, this card has very high utility in Great Nature decks. When this card is placed in the rearguard, it can give another rearguard a skill. This skill specifies that when the rearguard with the skill is retired in the end phase, the player can search the deck for a grade 3 unit of the player’s choice and add it to hand. This allows decks from the Great Nature clan to be more consistent in what grade 3 is used at certain times. Originally, this card was probably created to get Great Nature’s break ride, Chatnoir, to hand so that the player could either break ride later in game or set up a Chatnoir heart for the Cath Palug stride. Though this seems to be the original intent, this card is very flexible due to the fact that it can search any grade 3 with the skill it gives the rearguard. This flexibility can help make some mechanics in Great Nature more consistent, whether the grade 3 search retrieves Guru Tiger to help pay for Guru Tiger’s persona skill or the grade 3 search could help set up for Leopald Reverse’s crossride. In the least, the grade 3 unit retrieved from the search could allow the player to stride or retrieve a grade 3 unit to ride on the player’s first or second turn. Overall, the fact that Mikesaburo can help with these things shows that the card is very flexible and helps Great Nature decks become more consistent.

This card is also very cheap at the moment. As of January 10, 2016, this card was only worth $1 per copy. This is very good pricing, especially for a double rare from the newest set. Between the fact that the card is cheap and helps almost any Great Nature deck become more consistent, it is obvious how it earned its spot as our card of the week.

We hope you enjoyed this card of the week. Hope to see everyone next week!


Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


2 thoughts on “Card of the Week: Honorary Assistant, Mikesaburo

  1. It’s not just utility, it also brings consistency to any Great Nature deck to have a skewed ratio yet at the same time have consistent rides, thus it can stall at G2 until a desirable amount of damage to abuse Cath Palug + Crayon Tiger


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