Card of the Week: Fiery March Colossus


Fiery March Colossus

Welcome to another card of the week! This week, this article will be featuring Fiery March Colossus, a new rare stride for the Gear Chronicle clan from GBT05 (aka Moonlit Dragonfang).

This guy is a pretty solid card. In addition, it seems overpowered for his rarity and price given the quality of Fiery March Colossus’s effect and given how expensive Gear Chronicle’s stride Chronodragon Nextage is (which is considered by some as the clan’s main stride). This stride’s skill allows the card to put a unit to the bottom of the opponent’s deck from the field for a counterblast and the placement of one of the player’s rearguards to the bottom of the deck on attack. In addition to this, Fiery March does not allow the opponent to guard with the same grade as the grade of the unit put to the bottom of the opponent’s deck due to his skill. With this skill, he can be multi-purpose with his awesome skill, varying fro the removal of a booster or an attacker with the addition of a guard restriction on the opponent during the battle that Fiery March is attacking. Depending on the way the skill is used, this unit can mimic the abilities of either Silent Tom or Glory Maelstrom.

Besides looking amazing,  he’s a pretty solid card that can be added in both budget and non-budget builds due to the uniqueness of his ability is and the synergy of his ability with the game mechanics of Gear Chronicle. Beyond these points, there is not much more to really say about him other than that he can generate tempo for the player especially in respect to the guard restriction ability that the clan exhibits.

Appearance: 9.5/10
Pricing: 10/10
Playability: 8/10
Availability: 9.5/10

*Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

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