Psychic Legion Deck


Psychic of Storm, Rigil

The current trends in this current format of Cardfight!! Vanguard tend to show that the player base of Dark Irregular players favor two decks: the deck build based on Scharhrot Vampir or the Amon archetype. In their own right, these builds focus on building the amount of soul that the vanguard has in order to gain power or abilities based on the amount of cards in soul. Though these decks are able to do this effectively, these decks are very expensive, due to their reliance on either Abominable One, Gilles de Rais or Demon World Marquis, Amon. In order to find a budget build for the Dark Irregulars clan, one must be willing to embrace the unconventional and the ignored (which fits perfectly with the clan’s overall theme and lore). One unconventional way to do this is to use the legions that are available to this particular clan. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units
4x Miracle Element, Atmos
4x Water Element, Madew

Grade 3 Units
4x Psychic of Storm, Rigil
4x Psychic of Ash, Hadar

Grade 2 Units
4x Emblem Master
4x Psychic of Dust, Izaya
3x Free Traveler

Grade 1 Units
4x March Rabbit of Nightmareland (Perfect Guard)
4x Killing Dollmaster
4x Dimension Creeper
2x Amon’s Follower, Fool’s Palm

Grade 0 Units
4x Blitzritter (Critical)
4x Amon’s Follower, Cruel Hand (Critical)
4x Hysteric Shirley (Draw)
4x Alice of Nightmareland (Heal)
1x Greedy Hand (Starter)


Psychic of Ash, Hadar

The deck’s strategy is to build up as much soul as quickly as possible in order to use the legion abilities of the grade 3 units Hadar and Rigil. Hadar focuses on powering up the field with his legion ability. Specifically, when Hadar is in legion and attacks an opponent’s vanguard, Hadar gives himself 5K power if the amount of cards in soul is equal to six or more and 5K power to two rearguards if the amount of cards in the soul is equal to ten or more. Due to the high attacking power of the columns created by this ability, Hadar’s legion ability is able to be used to apply a high amount of damage on the opponent during player’s turn. In addition to this, the ability only requires the amount of cards in the soul to be a certain amount. This means that the skill is cost-free (considering general costs in game, e.g. counterblast) as long as the soul is big enough. Rigil’s legion skill allows him to retire two of the opponent’s rearguards if the amount of cards in the soul is equal to ten or more or allows him to retire three of the opponent’s rearguards if the amount of cards in the soul is equal to fifteen or more when he attacks and counterblasts two cards.


Dimension Creeper

In order to unlock the abilities of the legions in the deck, the majority of the main deck focuses on setting up 10 to 15 cards in the soul as soon as possible in order to enable the legion abilities for Hadar or Rigil. Dimension Creeper can be soul blasted when in the soul and allow the player to soul charge two cards, which allows the player to build soul quickly and when needed. This specific card can be put into the soul by the player’s grade 2 unit ride by either riding Dimension Creeper as the player’s grade 1 vanguard or by searching the deck and putting Dimension Creeper into the soul. Dimension Creeper can be searched from the deck and added to the soul by two units in this deck: Greedy Hand and Free Traveler. Greedy Hand is able to search a grade 2 or less unit from the deck into the soul for one counterblast and putting Greedy Hand into the soul. This ability can also put Izaya to the soul so that it can be soul blasted with the use of Rigil’s second skill, which can be used when Rigil is in or out of legion state. Free Traveler is also able to search a grade 2 or less unit from the deck into the soul for one counterblast when placed on the vanguard or rearguard. Hysteric Shirley allows the player to soul charge one card when she is soul charged. Killing Dollmaster can be soul charged from the rearguard to allow the player to soul charge two cards at the beginning of the player’s main phase. Emblem Master’s on-hit skill allows the player to soul charge three cards for one counterblast. Izaya can soul blast a grade 0 unit from the soul to soul charge two cards. Rigil can soul blast one unit that has the same name as a unit in the vanguard circle to soul charge five cards.


Psychic of Dust, Izaya

Besides the legion, there are other cards in the deck benefit from the amount of cards in the soul or soul charging. When Fool’s Palm is placed on the rearguard and if the amount of cards in the soul is equal to six or more, the player can discard one card out of hand and draw a card from the deck. This helps the player cycle cards in order to improve hand and put cards in the drop zone to help legion later in the game. Izaya gains 3K power for each card that is soul charged in the main phase when on the rearguard and when the vanguard is in legion. If the player waits to soul charge cards when the vanguard is in legion and Izaya is in the rearguard, the power that Izaya gains could supersede the power of a stride with an optimal setup.

The grade 4 units in the deck are typically not used, although they can be used to aid the deck at critical points. Madew is able to retrieve a grade 3 from the drop zone when strode on a unit that has a base power of 10K or less. This is able to activate when the vanguard is in legion before the player strides. This helps the deck gain cards through striding while keeping a grade 3 unit in hand to either stride or legion in the following turns. Atmos is mainly used as a finisher in certain situations (e.g. when the player does not enough rearguards and soul for Hadar’s legion skill). The credibility of Atmos as a finisher is due to the fact that it gains 10K power when it attacks and for one counterblast.

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comments section.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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