Touken Ranbu Deck



With Touken Ranbu you get a lot more than you typically bargain with due to the fact that all the cards for this clan come from one set, which makes deck-building less difficult. If you have an interest in flexibility and samurai units, this deck may end up being the deck for you. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units
1x Mikazuki Munechika
3x Hotarumaru
4x Iwatooshi

Grade 3 Units
4x Tonbokiri
4x Kogitsunemaru

Grade 2 Units
1x Shishiou
1x Otegine
3x Izuminokami Kanesada
3x Nakigitsune
3x Heshikiri Hasebe

Grade 1 Units
3x Horikawa Kunihiro
3x Nikkari Aoe
4x Imanotsurugi
4x Kousetsu Samonji

Grade 0 Units
Kashuu Kiyomitsu (Starter)
2x Shokudaikiri Mitsutada (Crit RR)
4x Yagen Toushirou (Crit)
3x Aizen Kunitoshi (Stand)
3x Akita Toushirou (Draw)
4x Gokotai (Heal)

With Touken Ranbu, you get a lot more than you typically bargain with. For example most clans are simple in the aspect of having only one goal in mind when building a deck. Although this is the case, Touken Ranbu has only one set out as opposed to multiple sets to pull from that makes making a deck slightly more difficult.



The grade 4 line up provides a lot of flexibility to the player due to the fact that you has access to multiple strategies due to the variety of abilities that they provide. Though this flexibility is present, the main purpose of the abilities as a whole is to wear down the opponent’s field through retiring effects or the opponent’s hand through the use of either on hit effects or extra critical effects on the vanguard. Iwatooshi can attack the front row for the cost of one counterblast and flipping a copy of this stride in the stride zone. This can be especially good against clans that may need to keep certain rearguards on the field, such as the Aqua Force or Neo Nectar clans. Hotarumaru which has a homare ability* that allows  Hotarumaru to restand as the vanguard if you hit a vanguard with the loss of 2 drive checks on restand with the cost of resting 5 standing rear guards and flipping a copy of Hotarumaru in the G zone. Mikazuki Munechika gains 3K power for each grade 4 unit face up in the G zone. When this skill is activated, Mikazuki can also retire one of the opponent’s front row rearguards for each face up grade 4 unit in the G zone. In addition to this, he gains an additional critical if you have two or more grade 4 units face up in the G zone. This is really good late game after burning through your opponents resources.  Although he is a very good finisher, he is the most expensive card in the deck at a value of 18 dollars around the time of the publication of this article. If you do not wish to run him, you can run one more copy of Hotarumaru in his place.



Grade 3 units in this deck follow the strategy of wearing down by restricting the cards that the opponent can use to guard and by using on-hit abilities to gain card advantage. Kogitsunemaru’s on-hit homare ability* allows the player to look at the top card of the deck, put it to the top or bottom of the deck, and draw one card with the cost of one soulblast. In addition to this skill, he can also counterblast one to give 3K power to one rearguard with the homare ability* when the rearguard with the ability attacks, allowing more units in the deck to hit an opponent’s with a base power of 11K power. Although Kogitsunemaru helps you build card advantage and enable rearguards to hit vanguards more easily, Tonbokiri is one of the deck’s finishers with the bonus of being an extremely defensive card in a pinch. His shinken hissatsu ability+ allows him to gains 2000 power until the end of turn when he is attacked for the cost of a counterblast and a soul blast. This ability is extremely helpful in the respect to decks like Aqua Force who rush with units that can hit between 10k and 12K power per attack. His second ability prevents the opponent from guarding with grade 0 units from hand when Tonbokiri attacks. This is especially good now with decks staying at grade 2 in order to prevent strides, since the opponent that tries to sit on a grade 2 vanguard normally does not have enough advantage to fight off a grade 3 vanguard for a lengthened amount of time, especially one with an ability that resembles Silent Tom’s ability and the threat of triggers in its twin drive.

Grade 2 units in the deck supply the player with on-hit pressure from homare* and shinken hissatsu+ abilities. Heshikiri Hasebe’s homare ability* in which he is able to restand with 2K extra power and then can swing at the back row which is good to hit starters and other problem cards in the rearguard. Nakigitsune has a homare ability* in which he can counterblast one and soul blast one in order to draw a card and then call from hand a card to rearguard, providing an extra attack. Izuminokami Kanesada is unlocks a skill on-boost like Steam Fighter, Amber, although Izuminokami has a shinken hissatsu ability instead of a generation break ability. His skill though allows him to gain 3k power from a soul blast and at the end of the battle bounce a backrow with the shinken hissatsu ability. Rounding out the grade 2 slots are the tech options, Otegine and Shishiou. Otegine has the homare ability that prevents the opponent from using grade 0 units to guard from hand when he hits a vanguard for one counterblast. Shishiou’s shinken hissatsu ability gives 2K additional power until the end of turn for one counterblast. In addition to the addition of power, Shishiou’s shinken hissatsu ability unlocks the homare ability to discard a card to draw two cards when she hits a vanguard. Currently, Otegine and Shishiou are only in the deck as one copy each in order to prevent riding them due to their low base power of 8k and 7k respectively.



Grade 1 units of the deck focus on supporting the deck with countercharging mechanics and powerful boosters. While Imanotsurugi is typically used as a stride helper, its alternate act skill allows you to put it in the soul to give a grade 4 vanguard 5k additional power and the homare ability* to soul blast 1 and counter charge 2 damage when the player’s vanguard hits the opponent’s vanguard. Horikawa and Nikkari both share the shinken hissatsu+ ability which make them targets for the Amber clone to be bounced to the hand from the back row. Horikawa’s ability allows him to counter blast one when he is placed on RG if you do, you soul charge one card and he gains 4k until the end of turn. Nikkari is a bit more interesting in regards to the fact that when your grade 3 or less vanguard swings if you have three or more rested rear guards you may move him to the soul to give 10k power to your vanguard. This is extremely good as you have a lot of pressure with your grade 3 units in this deck, especially when giving 10K power to Tonbokiri (the grade 3 with Silent Tom’s effect).

Triggers in this list compliment the deck strategies expressed above. This mainly consists of critical triggers, draw triggers, and heal triggers. Although this is the case, the stand trigger (aka Aizen Kunitoshi) is in this deck for his ability. Aizen Kunitoshi works well with Hotarumaru since this stride has the homare ability*. Specifically, his ability allows this unit to stand when in the rearguard in the back row when the vanguard attacks. In addition to this, the ability also allows  Aizen to stand a rearguard unit in front of him to stand if the player has a grade 4 or greater vanguard with the homare ability*. This allows you to get multiple attacks off in the same turn without sacrificing the ability to loose all of your attacks. The starter (aka Kashuu Kiyomitsu) of the deck has the ability to soul blast 1 when he boosts if there is no face up damage in your damage zone. As a result, he then counter charges and gains 3k power until the end of battle and gains the ability that the player draws a card and puts the starter into soul when a unit on your field hits a vanguard. It is also important to note that the on-boost skill is not optional when it meets the conditions of no face up damage and one soul.

Hopefully, you found something you might like in this post. I worked really hard on this deck and it is providing some interesting games and is a lot of fun. In addition to this, the total cost of the deck at the time of this article’s publication is around $84.52, which is relatively cheap for a deck in the game of Vanguard. I hope everyone gives this clan a chance to show what it really can do. Thank you for reading!

* A homare ability which can only be used once per turn by only one card with a homare ability.

+ A shinken hissatsu ability is able to be used when the player is at three damage.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


2 thoughts on “Touken Ranbu Deck

    • Ok, I haven’t updated the deck yet. But with the new set coming out sometime soon I will update the deck with a more updated feel. But for now I would say the G zone should look like this:
      4x Iwatooshi
      4x Hotarumaru
      4x Mikazuki Munechika
      2x Dark Element, Dizmel
      2x Metal Element, Scryew

      But if you want to keep this strictly budget. You can replace the extra copies of the GR with Blizza and it would provide similar results. Hope this answers your question.


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