Editor’s Note: How to Learn from Failure


Failure Scientist, Ponkichi

Looks like… failure is the mother of success.

Failure Scientist, Ponkichi

The world of gaming has had many features and experiences that make it enjoyable and worthwhile. Whether it is the aspect of figuring out a complex problem or gaining victory amid the possibility of defeat, gaming has been a good to many involved in it. Though this is the case, there is one aspect of gaming that many do not enjoy.

The possibility of loss. The label of being a failure.

The  aspect of losing in games can be hard on gamers. No one likes to lose, not even me. Sometimes, a string of losses can be the beginning of a inner struggle or the label of being a failure. Sometimes, some people find that the emotional turmoil of loss is enough of a reason that it leaves some players to quit. Though this is the case, I would advise a player to do one thing in this situation: don’t quit. Don’t stop because of your failure.

Why would I say something so irrational? I counter that with the response that this is not irrational. I have found that failure could be the beginning of success and loss can the beginning of victory. How do you get better at something? Through the use of practice and experiencing an activity firsthand. Software is created in this way, in a process that encourages people to fail faster*. In retrospect, this is how inventions and other mechanisms are refined and made great. This process may entail experiencing victory or loss, but only through the process of charging through difficulties and failures can you learn how to not fail next time. That is the very reason why history is useful: we are able to see the failures and successes of our ancestors from yesterday so we can have a better tomorrow. Take the quote from Henry Ford into consideration.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently

Henry Ford

My fellow cardfighters, do not give up. Learn from your failures. If your deck is operating in a way that you do not favor, try to test out changes in how it is built. If your play style needs improving, practice with friends and keep playing in tournaments. These opportunities and more are ways to use failure as a tool to make you a better player.

Fail faster, fight on, and stay humble.

Best regards,
Jonathan Smith
Cardfight Lab Tech
Editor in Chief

*To explain, failing faster is a process in software development that encourages people to have failures happen as fast as they can so that bugs can be found, allowing software developers to fix the bugs found through this process. Link around this process can be found here.

Images of cards came from http://cardfight.wikia.com/wiki/Cardfight!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

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