Zeal Legion Deck


New Era Beast, Zeal

Among many players in the game of Vanguard, there are many decks that focus on powering up the player’s vanguard and using that power to win the game. Though this is the case, many players have not experienced the joy of taking the power away from the opponent’s vanguard, rendering the opponent’s vanguard’s base defense insufficient to survive a flurry of attacks. Zeal, a ride chain from the set Blue Storm Armada, is one of the oldest decks to do this. Although it is from an older set, new support for the Dimension Police clan has made the deck deadlier than ever. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units
4x Dark Superhuman, Omega
4x Miracle Element, Atmos
4x Dark Superhuman, Pretty Cat
4x Enigman Patriot

Grade 3 Units
4x Galactic Beast, Zeal
4x New Era Beast, Zeal

Grade 2 Units
4x Devourer of Planets, Zeal
4x Fusion Monster, Bugreed
4x Ionization Monster, Plazm

Grade 1 Units
4x Eye of Destruction, Zeal
3x Evolution Monster, Davain
4x Diamond Ace (Perfect Guard)
2x Cosmic Hero, Grandrope (Stride Helper)

Grade 0 Units
4x Demon-eye Monster, Gorgon (Critical)
4x Dimensional Robo, Daibattles (Critical)
4x Gem Monster, Jewelmine (Draw)
4x Dissection Monster, Kaizon (Heal)
1x Larva Beast, Zeal (Starter)


Galactic Beast, Zeal

The deck focuses on the Zeal ride chain, which focuses on taking power away from the opponent during the player’s turn, which forces the opponent to use more shield to guard against the player’s attacks due to the opponent’s vanguard’s lowered defensive power. This ride chain consists of Larva Beast, Zeal, Eye of Destruction, Zeal,  Devourer of Planets, Zeal, and Galactic Beast, Zeal. When Eye of Destruction rides on Larva Beast, the player can search the top seven cards for one copy of Devourer of Planets or Galactic Beast versions of Zeal (followed by a shuffle of the deck). When Devourer of Planets rides on Eye of Destruction and Larva Beast is in the soul, Eye of Destruction’s skill can can minus 3K power from the opponent’s vanguard. When Galactic Beast rides on Devourer of Planets and Eye of Destruction is in the soul, Devourer of Planets’ skill can can minus 3K power from the opponent’s vanguard. Galactic Beast Zeal’s limit break allows the player to minus 1K power for every rearguard that the player has on the field for the cost of two counterblast. In short, the ride chain focuses on subtracting power from the opponent’s vanguard.


Evolution Monster, Davain

With the details about the ride chain mentioned above in mind, this deck build focuses on enhancing this ride chain’s effectiveness. One way that this deck list accomplishes this is through the manipulation of vanguard power. This can be accomplished either by subtracting power from the opponent’s vanguard or adding power to your vanguard. Plazm subtracts 3K power from the opponent’s vanguard when it hits the opponent’s vanguard for one counterblast. Davain puts one of the player’s rearguards to soul when placed as a rearguard in order to ride a card with “Zeal” in its name that is the same grade as the player’s vanguard, place a unit from the soul to the rearguard that is the same grade as the card the player rode, and subtract 3K power from the opponent’s vanguard. Davain not only minuses power from the opponent’s vanguard, but it also helps fix the ride chain for the sake of gaining effects and power based on the Zeal cards that are in the soul. Another card that is capable of this is Dark Superhuman, Omega*. This stride puts a rearguard to soul and subtracts the base power of the rearguard put to soul with this effect from the opponent’s front row for one soul blast and two counterblast. Atmos is able to gain 10K power when it attacks for the cost of one counterblast. New Era Beast, Zeal, the revival legion for Galactic Beast, is able to subtract 1K power times the amount of units on the player’s field when it takes damage when in legion for one counterblast.


Fusion Monster, Bugreed

This deck also supports the ride chain through the use of hand advantage. Not only does this help the deck defend against the opponent’s offense, but it also makes the ride chain and the overall deck more consistent during the course of the game. The main card for gaining card advantage in this deck is Bugreed, which allows the player to draw one card when it hits a vanguard that is below 8K power. This card works very well in the deck, since the player can use this card anytime abilities reduce the opponent’s vanguard’s power to 8K and below or if the opponent’s vanguard is 8K base power or lower in the early game. Stride helpers (aka Grandrope) is run over the limit break enabler in order to allow the player to stride more often, allowing for more drive checks (and, effectively, more cards) through striding. Although triple drive has the same net gain of cards as a twin drive (due to the effect that [3 cards from drive] – [1 card to stride]  = [2 cards from drive]), striding and the use of triple drive allows the player to have more of a chance to draw the cards needed in hand or checking a trigger against an opponent.

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comments section.

*Omega’s price has been fluctuating around the time of this article at around $8-$9. If the player does not wish to run this card, Rain Element, Madew is a good backup option.

Images of cards came from http://cardfight.wikia.com/wiki/Cardfight!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


6 thoughts on “Zeal Legion Deck

  1. Why not use Cosmic Mothership, though? That card was literally made for this deck. Plazm only adds more cost to a costly deck, especially when you’re not running countercharge Perfect Guards. And speaking of costly, this deck uses a lot, and I mean a loooooot of resource, which means it needs more draws. 6 Draws/6 Criticals is what i use.


    • The need for a strong draw engine is why Bugreed is run in the deck along with draw triggers, since he is able to draw a card on hit for such a low cost (which is free as long as the opponent’s vanguard is 8K power or below). Bugreed is also prioritized in this build above Cosmic Mothership for this very reason. Although the plays that can be made with New Era Beast, Zeal and Mothership can be effective, Bugreed is run over Mothership due to consistency.


    • I think that both Menacing Monster, Golmenas and Foxy Charmy are amazing options in a defensive variant of Zeal, but not in a offensive variant of the deck, which is what the deck list outlines. Personally, I do not think there is room for Golemnas due to the fact that Prizm is a 9K base compared to Golemnas’ 8K base, and Bugreed provides the draw engine in this build. Foxy Charmy may be able to replace the stride helper, but I have not tested that change in the build currently. As always, these are testable changes that you can try inexpensively due to the fact that both Golemnas and Foxy are commons.


      • I personally recommend 8 critical, 4 draw and 4 heal. This line up allows the player to apply pressure with the vanguard alone while maintaining a hand. In addition to this, there are not many good targets for stands in the current builds of Zeal in my opinion, since there is a lack of cards that can hit for 11K on their own.


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