Iori / Lauris “Wallet Harmony” Deck


Miracle Voice, Lauris

Ever wanted to find the symphony of combinations in the game of Vanguard? Bermuda Triangle might be the clan for you, with all of its variety and possibilities found in the chorus that can be found in hand and on field when using this clan. Here is a budget Bermuda Triangle deck for beginners and players on a budget:

Grade 4 Units:
2x Snow Element, Blizza
2x Legend of the Glass Shoe, Amoris
4x Fluffy Ribbon, Smoni

Grade 3 Units:
4x Miracle Voice, Lauris
4x Duo Stage Storm, Iori

Grade 2 Units:
4x Admired Sparkle, Spica
4x Pearl Sisters Perla
3x Ideal Walking Weather, Emilia

Grade 1 Units:
4x Pearl Sisters Perle
4x Talent of Perserverence, Shandee
4x Image Master, Kukuri (G Perfect Guard)
2x Superb New Student, Shizuku

Grade 0 Units:
1x Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Weddel (Starter)
4x Dreamer Dreamer Kruk (Stand)
4x Heartful Ale, Fundy (Draw)
4x Cherished Phrase, Reina (Critical)
4x PR♥ISM-Miracle, Timor (Heal)

The main focus of this deck is to have units enter the “harmony” state for increasing attack power, increasing the number of attacks, or increasing hand size. Since most harmony skills are GB1, this deck will need to rely on stride to in order to activate the majority of skills available in this specific build.


Legend of the Glass Shoe, Amoris

The first grade 4 of the deck is Snow Element, Blizza. When Blizza attacks a vanguard, it can flip a G unit in the G zone face up for one counterblast in order to gain 5K power for each unit that is in the G zone face up. If this skill is used on the player’s first stride, Blizza will activate generation break 2 skills after its use on the first stride. The next stride of the deck is Legend of the Glass Show, Amoris. Amoris will bounce 2 units (aka returning 2 units from the field to hand) when Amoris is placed on the Vanguard circle in order to gain more shield or to correct an underwhelming field. The final stride of the deck is Fluffy Ribbon, Somni, who will allow you to bounce a unit and call a unit with +3k if her attack hits a vanguard.

The main grade 3 for the deck is Miracle Voice, Lauris. Lauris is the Bermuda Triangle stride bonus who is able to bounce a unit and draw a card for one counterblast. Her main purpose is in powering up the field with her generation break 2 ability. This ability, which activates if she becomes harmony, allows her to choose 2 of your units to give an additional 5K power to and Lauris gains 1 additional critical until the end of turn. The backup grade 3 is Duo Stage Storm, Iori, a Limit Break unit that can soul blast one and persona blast to bounce one of your rearguards AND search your deck for up to 2 copies of that unit and add them to your hand. If striding simply doesn’t seem to be happening, you can exchange those extra grade 3 in hand for extra copies of perfect guards and other useful cards, including cards that are needed for certain combinations (e.g. Pearl Sisters, Perla and Pearl Sisters, Perle).


Admired Sparkle, Spica

The grade 2 units for the deck are divided in what purpose they serve in the deck, but they all revolve around the bounce skill. Pearl Sisters, Perla can soul blast one and bounce one of your rearguard units when her attack hits a vanguard. Spica will be able to bounce a rearguard unit and call another unit from hand to the rearguard with 3K additional power when boosted at generation break one. Combined with the generation break skill of Lauris, this skill can make each column swing for 21k+ if you bounce and replace Lauris’ boosting unit. The final grade 2 is Ideal Walking Weather, Emilia. When Emilia is bounced at generation break one, you can pay the cost of counterblast one to draw one card. As an added bonus, Emilia also has the resist ability, which allows her to remain on field if targeted specifically by an opponent’s skill that intends to remove her from field.

Grade 1 units in this deck focus around countercharging and draw mechanics. G perfect guards are run in the deck to help countercharge due to the amount of counterblasting skills used in the deck. Perle works exclusively with Perla, giving Perla the skill when placed on the rearguard. The skill given by Perle to Perla allows the player to soul charge one and draw one when Perla’s attack hits a vanguard. Multiple Perle skills can be put to one Perla, as long as the given skills are resolved one at a time, as described in the wiki (which is found here). Superb New Student, Shizuku can search the top 5 cards of your deck for a grade 3 unit once per turn when she becomes harmony. If used with Spica, not only does she become a 10k boost, but she also increases hand size. The last grade 1 is Talent of Perserverence, Shandee, which acts as the stride helper for the deck.


Dreamer Dreamer, Kruk

The starter of the deck is Triangle Cadet, Weddel. Another unit from back in EB02, Weddel can be used to bounce 1 RG, mainly to reuse Perle’s skill. The trigger line up for the deck is a standard rainbow line up with the GB1 stand trigger, which allows the deck to equally pressure with restanding units like Perla, adding additional criticals to attacks, drawing needed units for certain attack combinations, and healing damage.In addition to this fact, Kruk’s generation break one ability can bounce a rearguard to hand and call a unit to the rearguard from hand after boosting an attack, being in harmony, and being placed to the top of the deck. This skill works well with several units in the deck, such as Emilia (which allows the player to draw one card when bounced) and Perle (which can be be placed multiple times if bounced and placed through skills in order to give Perla the skill to draw on-hit multiple times). Fundy can be put to soul from the rearguard in order to give a rearguard 3K additional attack power. Reina can be put to the soul when a player’s vanguard with “Lauris” in its name attacks in order to give the vanguard 5K additional attack power and to draw one card.

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comments section.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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