Rising Nova “Charge” Deck


Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova

Do you want to play football with the best of them? Then Spike Brothers may end up being the clan for you! Even with the new support from Reckless Rampage, Spike Brothers has an interesting tactic of hitting and running so it provides them some useful tactics against certain clans like Link Joker and Kagero while also giving a lot of pressure to knocking down your opponent’s hands. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units
4x Greatness Vampire, Dhampir Lily
4x Shootdown King, Miracle Ace

Grade 3 Units
4x Hive Maker
4x Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova

Grade 2 Units
2x Devil Summoner
2x Axe Diver
4x Heave Wheeze
3x Cobalt Impulse

Grade 1 Units
4x Untouchable Milly (Perfect Guard)
2x Dudley Phantom
4x Acrobat Verdi (Stride Helper)
4x Moodmaker, Nyanrook

Grade 0 Units
1x Mecha Trainer (Starter)
4x Liar Lips (Critical)
4x Silence Joker (Critical)
4x Cheerful Lynx (Draw)
4x Cheer Girl Adelaide (Heal)


Shootdown King, Miracle Ace

The grade 4 units that are used in this deck list are Greatness Vampire, Dhampir Lily and Shootdown King, Miracle Ace. The reason for that is the main stride will always be Lily as this deck mostly revolves around the “Charge” mechanic* that is exclusive to the Spike Brothers clan. Dhampir Lily provides a bit of pressure with her on-hit skill, which allows you to call a unit with the “Charge” keyword from your hand to the field with an additional 5K power and ability to the called unit that allows you to draw a card when that unit is put back to the deck. This is useful since the unit called with Lily’s skill will activate the charge  ability, guaranteeing that the called unit would return to deck if it attacks on the turn that it is called. Furthermore, this skill is useful in a clan such as this since it is hard to keep a hand with this clan (due to the fact that one of the common costs found in the clan is putting cards from hand to either field or soul). The second stride featured in this deck list is Shootdown King, Miracle Ace. Miracle Ace can pay the cost of one counterblast and flipping over one copy of Miracle Ace in the G zone to gain two skills. The first skill allows you to add 5K power to a unit when one of your other rearguards is put into the deck. The second skill allows the player to call a unit from hand when one of your rearguards is put into the deck for the cost of two soul blast at generation break 3. It is important to consider the fact that you may not want him as the second stride of the deck since his skill is lackluster if you do not have the appropriate resources (especially for the generation break three skill). Although this is the case, you can use him on your first stride to give the ability to get to generation break two. Overall, Miracle Ace can use the combination of his first and second skills in order to gain multiple attacks with added power.


Hive Maker

The grade 3 units in this deck provide strong support for generation abilities centered around charge. The main grade 3 unit of this deck is the new stride bonus for Spike Brothers, which is known as Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova. His on-stride ability gives your vanguard the ability to call any unit from your deck to the field and that unit gains 5K power for the cost of counterblast one and placing one card from your hand into soul. His generation break 2 allows you to superior call any unit from your deck for the cost of placing one card from your hand to the soul. The other grade 3 unit is a rare unit named Hive Maker, while for instance he has his own Charge ability in which if he is in charge and he goes to the deck from rear guard you may call a unit from your hand and call it to an open rear guard circle. This ability plays on the notion of achieving multiple attacks against the opponent in order to burn through their hand as quickly as possible. Hive Maker’s on-ride skill allows you to counterblast one and soul blast one in order to look at the top five cards of your deck and add one unit with the “Charge” keyword among those five cards to your hand. This ability is useful since a good portion of the cards in the deck have the “Charge” keyword, varying from the perfect guards in this deck list (aka Untouchable, Milly) to the main attackers (e.g. Heave Wheeze).


Axe Diver

The grade 2 units in this deck are very diverse due to the fact that the majority of them can be searched out in the deck and placed on the rearguard through a variety of skills in this deck (e.g. Miracle Ace, Rising Nova, etc.). Devil Summoner allows the player to check the top card of the deck when he is placed on vanguard or rearguard. If the card that was check is a grade 1 or 2 Spike Brothers unit, the player calls it to the rearguard (and shuffling otherwise). Axe Diver can counterblast one and soul blast one in order to put a rear guard of yours into the bind zone and call it back to an open spot, effectively creating another attack, a booster for this unit, or another chance to use on-placement abilities (e.g. Devil Summoner). Then, if Axe Diver is charging, both unit called with his skill and he gain 5K power. Heavy Wheeze has the ability to gain 10k power on rearguard while charging and at generation break one, which makes him at 19K power with no booster. When using this ability in combination with units like Axe Diver or Rising Nova, Heave Wheeze can reach a total of 24K power. Cobalt Impulse also has a charge ability, which allows player to draw a card and retire one of the opponent’s rearguards if Cobalt hits while he is charging and at generation break one. This card is a great pressure card, especially since his skill can be harder for the opponent to avoid if additional power from skills is added to him. Overall, the grade 2 line up in this deck is very flexible and can be changed to involve other cards, such as Wink Kill Misery. With this in mind, this is the grade 2 line up that I found the most optimal.


Moodmaker Nyanrook

Grade 1 units in this deck list are present in the deck to provide the deck with offensive and defensive power, along with the ability to stride consistently. Acrobat Verdi is the deck’s stride helper. Dudley Phantom goes back to the deck after adding 4K to an attack that is boosting. This unit is great in combination with Miracle Ace because Phantom can be replaced by Miracle Ace’s generation break 3 ability for soul blast two. In other words, when the player has a vanguard of Miracle Ace and has an attacking column with Dudley Phantom boosting and another unit that is charging, Miracle Ace can replace the column with four soul blast during his generation break 3 or more. One of the most important cards in this deck is Untouchable, Milly, who is a perfect guard that is searchable through Hive Maker due to the fact that she has the “Charge” keyword. Her charge ability allows her to return to hand from the field if she hits a vanguard during generation break one and one soul blast. Though she will not be able to use this skill often, having the option to use the skill is still welcome. The final grade 1 of this deck is Moodmaker Nyanrook, whose generation break one allows him to gain 4K power, which makes him an 11k boost or attacker. He also gains the ability that when he goes back to the deck you can give 4K power to one of your other rear guards until the end of turn. This is good for allowing weaker units in the deck to achieve good attacking power numbers, such as Devil Summoner’s 7K base power.

Grade 0 units in this deck help supply the player with the means of filling soul (for units like Miracle Ace) and retrieving cards needed in certain situations. Silence Joker allows you to move it to soul to countercharge one damage. Liar Lips allows you to move it to the soul when your vanguard with “Rising” in its name attacks. When she moves to soul, she gives 5K additional power to the vanguard and allows the player to draw one card. to that unit and allows you to draw a card. Mecha Trainer allows you to search your deck for a grade 1 or less unit for the cost of counterblasting one and retiring Mecha Trainer. Though this sounds underwhelming, this card allows you to search perfect guards, stride helpers, or other cards that you may need for the situation that your opponent brings to gameplay.

Hopefully everyone enjoys this deck! This deck is a second draft and it is always looking for more improvements. I probably will update it in the future as I want to see this deck be expanded and made to be a stronger budget deck. Looking forward to having everyone try this deck out! Thank you for reading!

*Charge is activated when a unit with the charge ability is placed due to an effect. If the unit has charge activated, it stays in the charging state until the end of turn. This mechanic is defined here: http://cardfight.wikia.com/wiki/Charge.

Images of cards came from http://cardfight.wikia.com/wiki/Cardfight!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


2 thoughts on “Rising Nova “Charge” Deck

  1. I prefer having 2-3 Bulldozer Dobe as target for Miracle Ace. He will actually create more pressure, being a 21k body on Charge, over Heave Weeze. Also, 4 Wink-Killer allows you to get that same pressure you have with Miracle Ace while still on Dhampir Lily.


  2. You have to play Devil Watch dude. No matter what happened in the game, you have to call it with your first stride : it allow you to store cards in soul for the miracle ace. And I don’t think that criticals are very usefull… Your hand will vanish because of your skills and the shield you’ll have to spend on defense. That’s why I think draws are better. you attack too much to need something like crits.
    Regarding your g-3 ratio, I think it’s better to play 2-3 Dobe and 2-3 Hive maker ( 5 g-3 ) and 3 nova. Because Nova only work on vg circle. He’s useless on a miracle turn.


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