Shura Stealth Dragon Legion Deck


Shura Stealth Dragon, Mandoracongo

Overall, there are decks in the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard that are capable gradually gaining advantage until the player is able to use these gains in advantage to win. With this in mind, most of the decks this blog has posted so far can be grouped together with the decks mentioned above. On the other hand, there are decks in the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard that are capable of making one or two big plays in order to win the game. Among the decks on this blog, this deck contains one of the most effective plays among the ones featured so far. The play: bind the opponent’s hand until there are four cards or less left in hand, then killing the opponent through the use of attacks during the turn the majority of hand is bound. This strategy is focused around Shura Stealth Dragon, Mandoracongo’s legion skill, which allows the player to force the opponent to bind two cards in hand and one rearguard unit until the end of turn when Mandoracongo is in legion and while the opponent has four or more cards in hand for one counterblast and the cost of discarding a copy of a unit in the vanguard. Since this skill is an act skill, it can be used as many times during the turn as long as the player can pay the cost. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units
4x Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gedatsurakan
4x Steel Blade Shura Stealth Dragon, Hayakujirakan
2x Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Jorurirakan
2x Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Zaramerakan
4x Jinx Stealth Hermit, Abutadaishi

Grade 3 Units
4x Shura Stealth Dragon, Hokagecongo
4x Shura Stealth Dragon, Mandoracongo

Grade 2 Units
4x Shura Stealth Dragon, Murasamecongo
4x Shura Stealth Dragon, Daranicongo
4x Stealth Dragon, Kokujyo

Grade 1 Units
4x Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster
3x Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki
4x Stealth Beast, Aramatatabi (Perfect Guard)
2x Stealth Beast, Katarigitsune (Stride Helper)

Grade 0 Units
1x Stealth Beast, Karasudoji (Starter)
4x Stealth Dragon, Kurogane (Critical)
2x Killing Method Stealth Rogue, Samidare (Critical)
4x Stealth Fiend, Ohtsuzura (Draw)
2x Stealth Fiend, Warashibehime (Draw)
4x Stealth Fiend, Zashikihime (Heal)


Shura Stealth Dragon, Hokagecongo

Grade 3 units in this deck focus on binding the opponent’s hand or field as a result of legion skills. As mentioned above, Mandoracongo allows the player to force the opponent to bind two cards in hand and one rearguard unit until the end of turn when Mandoracongo is in legion and while the opponent has four or more cards in hand for one counterblast and the cost of discarding a copy of a unit in the vanguard. Hokagecongo’s legion skill allows the player to bind the player’s field and a card from the opponent’s hand until the end of turn for the cost one counterblast. It is also important to mention that Mandoracongo only legions with Daranicongo (unlike Hokagecongo, who can legion with Daranicongo and Murasamecongo). This fact is worthy of mentioning since Mandoracongo’s legion skill relies on discarding a copy of the vanguard for the payment of its legion skill. Since this is the case, Hokagecongo should avoid legioning with Daranicongo so that the player can save the use of this unit for legioning with Mandoracongo and for paying Mandoracongo’s legion skill. Another thing that is important to mention is that the cards that are bound through the use of both legion skills return to the opponent’s hand at the end of the player’s turn. In other words, the act of binding cards through the use of legion skills only opens a window of opportunity for the player to win the game.


Shura Stealth Dragon, Daranicongo

The deck’s grade 2 units focus on either retrieving cards for Mandoracongo’s legion skill or benefiting from the presence of bound cards in the opponent’s play area. Daranicongo is able to attack an opponent’s vanguard at 11k power when the player’s vanguard is in the legion state. In addition to the 11k power, Daranicongo gains the ability to retire one of the opponent’s bound cards when it hits a vanguard and soul blasts one when the vanguard is in legion. Murasamecongo allows the player to search the deck for a grade 3 unit with “Shura Stealth Dragon” in its card name and to retire an opponent’s bound card when placed on the rearguard when there are two units with “Shura Stealth Dragon” in their names for the cost of one soul blast and one card discarded from hand. With its skill, This unit allows you to search for either Hokagecongo or Mandoracongo in order to legion on another turn or to search for Mandoracongo in order to use him to pay the cost of the vanguard Mandoracongo’s legion skill. Kokujyo’s skill allows him to gain 2K additional power for the player’s turn whenever an opponent’s card is placed in the bind zone. Since Kokujyo’s skill is an auto skill, the power gained from this ability is able to stack during the player’s turn every time an opponent’s card is sent to the bind zone, which works well with all of the binding skills in this deck.


Stealth Beast, Aramatatabi

The rest of the deck focuses on enhancing the overall strategy found in the grade 3 units and the grade 2 units. The trigger line up focuses on drawing into cards needed in hand for guarding and paying costs for skills through the abundance of draw triggers and on being able to regulate damage through the use of critical triggers and heal triggers. Dreadmaster forces the opponent to discard a card if he boosted a successful attack and if the player has less cards in hand than the opponent for one counterblast. Similarly, Gedatsurakan requires the opponent to discard a card from hand when he hits a vanguard. Fuuki binds a card out of the opponent’s hand for the duration of the player’s turn if the opponent has three or more cards in hand when paying the cost of placing Fuuki from the rearguard to the soul and one counterblast. Fuuki’s skill is especially useful if the opponent is trying to keep a small hand to avoid certain skills that rely on the opponent’s hand being four or more (e.g. Mandoracongo). Karasudoji, the deck’s starter, allows the player to check the top five cards for a grade 3, add up to one grade 3 from those five cards to hand, and shuffle the rest back into the deck. Although there are other starters that focus on discarding, this grade 3 searcher helps the player to retrieve a grade 3 unit for either the player’s grade 3 ride or retrieving Mandoracongo for the sake of the vanguard Mandoracongo’s legion ability cost. Aramatatabi’s generation break skill allows the player to discard one card in the opponent’s bind zone if another copy of Aramatatabi is in the drop zone for the cost of a soul blast when boosting. In addition to this, Aramatatabi also has the afterimage ability, which allows the player to return this card to hand if the opponent returns a bound card to hand and the player has six or less cards in hand*.  Hayakujirakan’s generation break two skill allows the player to counterblast one in order to bind one of the opponent’s cards in hand face down. In addition to this, this same skill allows the player to bind all of the opponent’s rearguards if the opponent has three or less cards in hand after binding one card from the opponent’s hand.

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comments section.

*Description of the afterimage ability and more about cards with such ability can be found here:

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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