Cypris / Angelica Regalia Deck


Regalia of Love, Cypris

The power and stories found in myth and lore is found throughout the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Though there are many clans that exhibit the use of ancient mythology, two clans stand above the rest in relation to the amount of mythological references seen in the clan: Oracle Think Tank and Genesis. Honing in on Genesis, the average player will find that the Regalia archetype focuses its lore around Greek and Norse mythology and its mechanic around using the soul to gain power or additional abilities. Although it is typical that builds focusing on this archetype are expensive, it is possible to build a deck with the angels and nobles of Genesis on a pauper’s budget. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units
4x Great Angel, Doom Brace
3x Sacred Flame Ultimate Regalia, Demeter
1x Water Element, Madew

Grade 3 Units
4x Regalia of Love, Cypris
4x Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica

Grade 2 Units
4x Regalia of Beauty, Venus
4x Regalia of Fate, Norn
3x Twilight Regalia, Hesperis

Grade 1 Units
4x Exorcism Regalia, Shiny Angel
4x Purification Regalia, Pure Angel
4x Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada (Perfect Guard)
2x Mythic Beast, Skoll (Stride Helper)

Grade 0 Units
4x Regalia of Far-sight, Clear Angel (Critical)
4x Regalia of Compassion, Eir (Heal)
4x Regalia Foredoom, Lot Angel (Draw)
4x Battle Maiden, Kukurihime (Critical)
1x Regalia of Prayers, Pray Angel (Starter)


In order to discuss this deck effectively, it is important to describe the strategy behind the deck build. Overall, this build focuses on creating high-powered attacks while wearing down the opponent’s rearguards and guarding potential.  This strategy is mainly centered around the use of Doom Brace’s skill in order to power up the rearguard or the combined use of the breakride and legion units available in this deck (Angelica and Cypris respectively). With this in mind, the rest of the deck focuses on enhancing this strategy and providing essential resource management in order to make this strategy more consistent.


Great Angel, Doom Brace

As mentioned before, the main grade 4 unit in this deck is Great Angel, Doom Brace. This unit’s skill allows the player to soul blast three once a turn in order to give two rearguards 5K power until the end of turn. In addition to this, the player can soul charge three cards if the amount of cards in the soul is two or less after the cost of Doom Brace’s skill is paid. In short, the cost of Doom Brace’s skill is a free net cost as long as the soul is between three and six cards when the skill is paid. With the ability to power up the field, Doom Brace can be considered as the main finisher in the stride deck. The other grade 4 units in the stride deck focus on resource management. Demeter allows the player to counterblast one if Demeter has a heart card with “Regalia” in its name in order to soul charge three and countercharge one damage for each heart card that she has. Madew is able to return a grade 3 unit to hand if Madew strode on a 10K base power or less vanguard.

Cypris is the main boss unit in the grade 3 line up in this deck. Since Cypris is a 10K base has “Regalia” in her name, she works well with both Demeter and Madew. Her legion ability allows her to add 5K power on her attack. She also has an ability that allows her to attack for 12K power when she attacks as a rearguard. Angelica’s limit break skill gives the vanguard 10K power and allows the player to draw two cards for the cost of three soul blast when a grade 3 rides on Angelica. With the combination of Cypris and Angelica, the pair can reach 35K total attack power the turn that the player breakrides and legions with these two units through the use of their skills.


Twilight Regalia, Hesperis

The grade 2 units focus on providing early defense and supporting vanguards in this deck that soul blast. Not only does Venus legion with Cypris, but she also provides a great defensive grade 2 ride as a unit with 10K base power. This high base power is useful in preventing damage in the early stages of the game, especially if the opponent tries to rush the player with 9K or lower attackers. Norn is able to give the vanguard 5K additional power when she is put to the drop zone from the soul. Hesperis is able to give the vanguard the skill to retire one of the opponent’s rearguard units when the player’s vanguard hits the opponent’s vanguard when she is put to the drop zone from the soul.

The rest of the deck focuses on supplying the player with the appropriate resources to make the outlined strategy for this deck more viable and consistent. When placed as a rearguard, Shiny Angel allows the player to choose up to three cards with “Regalia” in their name in the drop zone to be placed in the soul. Pure Angel gives the vanguard 5K power and the skill to draw a card for soul blast 3 when she is placed as a rearguard and when the player pays the cost of one counterblast. Lot Angel allows the player to soul charge one card when Lot Angel is placed in the guardian circle. Pray Angel, the starter of the deck, is able to give the vanguard 5K additional power and is able to give the player the ability to soul charge three if Pray Angel is put to the soul and the player’s vanguard is in legion. Skoll is in this build in order to enable the player to stride more consistently.


Regalia of Foredoom, Lot Angel

With this build, there are some additional details that the player needs to consider. One such detail is the interaction between Hesperis and Pure Angel. It is important to note that Hesperis’ on-hit skill will not work if Hesperis is soul blasted as a part of the draw skill that Pure Angel gives the vanguard. This is due to the fact that the skill that Hesperis gives is activated when the vanguard with her skill hits the opponent’s vanguard. If she is soul blasted as the result of an on-hit skill, the skill she gives the vanguard would not work since the vanguard would not have Hesperis’ skill until after it hit the opponent’s vanguard, not during. Other details to be considered are the noted deck building options for this deck. If the player does not wish to run Pray Angel as the starting vanguard, then the player can run either Fetter of Leather, Leyding or Witch of Prohibited Books, Cinnamon in this deck in order to call soul blasted units or soul charge respectively. The player running this deck can also run the limit break enabler (aka Reflecting Regalia, Mirror Angel) in place of Skoll if the player wants to prioritize break riding the vanguard in this deck. Although this is an option, Skoll proved to be more useful than Mirror Angel due to the ability to gain more cards and attack power through the use of grade 4 units in this deck compared to relying on the breakride alone.

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comments section.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

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