Cards of the Week: Backup Grade 3 Units for Fenrir

Welcome to another Card of the Week! As a response to requests from our readers, I will be reviewing potential budget options for grade 3 units that can be run with Mythic Beast, Fenrir. In general, it should be known that most of the backup grade 3 units that you can run with Fenrir are situationally good. Also, there are additional options that may have been left out of this list since we are covering our readers’ top picks and our top picks.


Battle Deity of the Night, Artemis

First of all, we have Battle deity of the Night, Artemis, who is a ride chain that focuses on soul charging a large number of cards in the early game. Personally I would be careful when running her as your secondary grade 3 unit as she makes the player commit a large amount of deck space to her ride chain, which can weaken later plays while having Fenrir as a vanguard.


Battle Maiden, Mizuha

Second we have Battle Maiden Mizuha. Mizuha can actually be a fantastic first ride if you are playing limit break enablers, allowing you to reach 21+K  power when she attacks as a vanguard with an additional critical, which forces the use of a perfect guard from your opponent before he or she is at grade 3, makes the opponent have dangerously low guard that strides like Doom Brace to become legit finishers in the turns to follow, or forces the opponent to take a high amount of early damage. I personally enjoyed playtesting with her, but she was far from my favorite backup for Fenrir.


Deity of Dreams, Neiros

Next, we have Deity of Dreams, Neiros. Much like the last card we discussed, this card could be a fairly straightforward backup. He essentially has Mizuha’s effect except it costs twice as much  of a soul blast to in order to pay for the skill. On top of it all, it is limited to once per turn and is restricted as a generation break skill. Playtesting this unit as a backup for Fenrir always made me feel like I should have played Mizuha, who could do things on first ride especially if you have a limit break enabler. Although this is the case, Neiros allows the player to soul charge three cards on ride for a counterblast, which may help players who prefer a unit who can set up for later turns.


Regalia of Love, Cypris

On to Regalia of love, Cypris. She has minor benefits with Fenrir as legion is usually weaker when you can run the stands that return your drop zone back into your deck. However she does hit for big numbers with any booster and the legion can allow you to just return triggers as your deck is getting smaller to increase the chance of getting them. She is also a good target to call out for Fenrir’s stride bonus, since she is able to attack a vanguard for 12K power when on the rearguard.


Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica

Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica is my favorite backup to run with Fenrir as it allows for interesting turns where you gain the break ride’s power to abuse Fenrir’s generation break 2 skill  and the ability to draw into potentially a better field setup or even stride fodder when the break ride’s skill is achieved. I personally like advocating break rides such as Himiko with Fenrir simply due to how well his generation break 2 functions with them.


Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu

Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu is, in my honest opinion, the most potentially powerful backup grade 3 unit for Fenrir. She enables very strong late game pushes simply due to her limit break, which allows the player to stand two units with 5K additional power for the cost of soul blast 9. As an example of the potential of this skill, restanding 2 rearguard Jormungand units is potentially devastating with all the power they can gain and the additional power they are given as a result of her limit break. Although this is large amount of soul blast for her cost, she also has the crazy ability of putting one of her guardians into your soul per battle to fuel the player’s late game soul amount.

And an honorable mention goes to playing both Himiko or Minerva (if run with Angelica) in the same deck with Fenrir. While I personally don’t enjoy this style of genesis too much, it is hard to argue against how strong it is. Himiko, like Angelica, allows the player to draw cards off of her break ride ability. Minerva paired with any break ride can make for a very devastating turn due to her limit break skill, especially if she is paired with a break ride that allows the player to draw cards in order to lessen Minerva’s hefty cost. Be warned, however, Minerva is anything but a budget option since her price is around $17-20 USD per copy that at the time of writing this article.

I hope you enjoyed this Card of the Week. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comments section.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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