Jim Bruno and Jacob Bridgewater Win Lab Tech Doubles Tournament

4/23/2016 – The Soldiery, Columbus, Ohio

The mild spring evening in started with nine pairs of cardfighters vying for their place at the top of the bracket. In order to get there, they had to find there way through a myriad of matches in an advanced Swiss tournament to place as one of the top four teams of the tournament. After competing in four preliminary rounds, the top four teams would compete in a single elimination bracket in an attempt to be the top team at the tournament.

At the end of the preliminary rounds, four teams stood out among the rest. Here is the breakdown of the top four teams, along with the names of the teammates in each team and the type of deck that each player played during the tournament:

1st Place Team

Captain: Jim Bruno – Diablo archetype of the Shadow Paladin clan
Partner: Jared Bridgewater – Gurguit archetype of the Gold Paladin clan

2nd Place Team

Captain: Jonathan Smith – Messiah archetype of the Link Joker clan
Partner: Cody Vojtech – Chronojet archetype of the Gear Chronicle clan

3rd Place Team

Captain: Matthew Duluard – Dimensional Robos archetype of the Dimension Police clan
Partner: Luke Flynn – Guru Tiger/Chatnoir build of the Great Nature clan

3rd Place Team

Captain: Michael Wait – Seven Seas archetype of the Granblue clan
Partner: Andrew Duluard – Blade Wing archetype of the Dark Irregulars clan

At the top of the group, a team with Gold and Shadow Paladins reigned supreme above the rest of the competition. After talking to the team, they revealed to the interviewer that the team played the decks listed above due to their defensive nature. In this team setup, the strategy was to use each deck to amass defenses through reserving cards in hand while superior calling units out of the deck. For Jacob, Sunshine Ray Knight, Gurguit was the main source of superior calling in his deck. He was also able to pressure opponents through the use of on-hit abilities that would allow him to superior call units to the field with units like Fast Chase Golden Knight, Campbell and Holy Mage, Elio. Amid these units, Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon acted as a finisher for the deck at times, allowing this unit to gain 5K additional power for each unit called from the deck during the turn and to give 5K additional power to the units called from the deck during the turn. Jim was able to use units like Whirlwind of Darkness, Vortimer “Diablo” in order to superior call units grade 1 units from the deck in order to use these units for self-retiring effects for other units in the deck list. Jim identifies his main finisher as Dark Dragon, Spectral Blaster “Diablo”, a stride for the archetype that is able to retire two rearguard units in order to restand with -2 drive. This ability combines well with Black Chain Spirit Dance Formation, Kahedin, who, when retired, gives the vanguard 5K additional power and the vanguard and the skill to call a grade 1 unit when it hits the opponent’s vanguard. Here is their deck lists:

Captain: Jim Bruno
Clan: Shadow Paladin
Deck Name: “Requiem of Diablo”

Grade 4 Units
3x Dark Dragon, Spectral Blaster “Diablo”
2x Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo”
2x Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon
1x Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Doomed

Grade 3 Units
4x Supremacy Dragon, Claret Sword Dragon
4x Whirlwind of Darkness, Vortimer “Diablo”

Grade 2 Units
4x Knight of Darkness, Rugos
3x Stronghold of Black Chains, Hoel
3x Knight of Brawn, Grosne

Grade 1 Units
4x Karma Collector (Perfect Guard)
2x Cherishing Knight, Branwen (Stride Helper)
1x Black-winged Swordbreaker
3x Black Chains Spirit Dance Formation, Kahedin
2x Abyss Summoner
2x Night Sky Eagle

Grade 0 Units
1x Promising Knight, David (Starter)
1x Bassinet Knight, Oscar (Starter
4x Taboo Mage, Cafar (Critical)
3x Grim Reaper (Critical)
3x Grim Revenger (Critical)
2x Mage of the Rogue Eye, Arsur (Stand)
4x Flatbau (Heal)


Partner: Jared Bridgewater
Clan: Gold Paladins
Deck Name: “Gold Rush”

Grade 4 Units
4x Golden Dragon, Ray Breath Dragon
2x Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon
1x Fast Chase Golden Knight, Campbell

Grade 3 Units
4x Sunshine Ray Knight, Gurguit
2x Lofty Head Lion
2x Bladecross Lion

Grade 2 Units
4x Holy Mage, Elio
4x Holy Mage, Pwyll
3x Braygal

Grade 1 Units
1x Coolgal
1x Sleimy
4x Holy Mage, Candace (Perfect Guard)
4x Dawning Knight, Gorboduc (Stride Helper)
2x Knife Throwing Knight, Maleagant
2x Knight of Morning Shadow, Kimarcus

Grade 0 Units
1x Knight of Early Dawn, Coel (Starter)
2x Flame of Victory (Critical)
2x Rustless Knight of Speed Attack (Critical)
4x Discerning Appraiser, Donnelly (Draw)
2x Imperative Owl (Stand)
2x Ketchgal Liberator (Stand)
4x Curable Angel (Heal)

Jim would like to thank The Soldiery for the quality of price support that they supplied for the tournament, and Jared would like to thank the people that helped him start the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Collectively, both players would like to thank the people from the local cardfighting community that helped them decide on or build these decks for the tournament.

Thank you to all of the participants for competing in our first event. If you have any comments or questions about this tournament or potential future events, please comment on this post.

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