A New Chronicle Unfolds

Gear Chronicle has been one of the more played decks since the beginning of the G formats. As a clan designed specifically for this format, the main unit of the deck has seemingly always been Chronojet Dragon. While this makes the main deck cheaper to complete, there have been no other units that could replace Chronojet as a central unit, until now. Chronofang Tiger gives the clan a new focus, along with new support. This may seem just a little bit late, but it feels like a good time to talk about the new changes that have been made to Gear Chronicle with the release of G Booster set 7.

Starting from the top, let’s look at the new units:

Interdimensional Dragon Bind Time Dragon: As the stride of the new series antagonist, Bind Time needed to be powerful…and it did not disappoint. Counter Blast 2, Soul Blast 1, Flip Bind Time, bind one or more RG on attack to get +10k an extra critical and rewind units equal to the number of bound cards, then if you have a Gear Beast heart, Counter Charge 2 and Soul Charge 2. This card combines parts of Revolution and Ragnaclock while nullifying the cost. While it can still be used in Chronojet, it’s a real powerhouse in Chronofang.

Chronofang TigerThe new boss unit of Gear Chronicle. On ride, bind a card from han to revert a unit by 2 grades, and Generation Break 2 can bind units for +3 grade as the cost of stride. While it can’t fight alone, this unit benefits the deck engine of bind instead of paying for stride.

Highbrow Steam, Raphanna: On the surface, this G guardian doesn’t seem to hold up against Uluru. Send back one of your grade 1 or greater RG and call a grade 0 for +10k shield. Once you use this guardian to set up Ur-Watar as payment for Bind Time, you’ll see a place for this card.

Interdimensional Beast, Float-Gear Hippogriff: When it drive checks a grade 3 unit, it gains +5k and Time Leaps a RG. While it is a cheap first stride, Hippogriff doesn’t actually work most of the time.

Steam Scalar, Emellanna: In the current meta Quintet Walls have taken a backseat until the release of G booster 7, where they have been given extra skills. At GB1 Emellanna allows the player to bind a unit from the drop zone when she moves from guard circle to drop, in exchange, she shuffles 2 cards from the drop back into the deck. With the new support, this unit can actually have a place in GC decks.

Square-one Dragon: A beneficial and unorthodox card. Square-one has a mini mega blast for Counter Blast 4 Soul Blast 6 to rewind all opponents RG. useful, but the deck can already perform the same function. The next skill will Soul Charge at the end of the turn, essentially refueling Bind Time in a Chronojet deck. The final skill may be the most useful, when placed on RG, it can become grade 0 for the turn. Finally, a grade 3 that can Time Leap into a grade 1.

Steam Knight, Mudar: One of two ideal bind targets of the Chronofang deck. Mudar can Soul Blast 1 in the bind zone to call itself to RG wih +2k power. This means you can essentially pay for Chronofang’s costs for a Soul Blast. Mudar’s other skill is GB1, bind Mudar, Soul Charge and Time Leap another unit.

Drain-valve Dragon: The skill of drain-valve is GB1 Soul Blast 1 this unit and another unit get  +2k and if it is not placed frrom hand, drain-valve gets another +2k. This unit is decent in budget decks, since it seems like a better Merianna that could also make History Maker an 11k.

Quiet Sleep-Calling Gear Tapir: This unit is the Chronofang equivalant to Kalibum. Rest this unit, bind a card from drop, rewind an opponents front row RG, and this unit cannot stand during he next stand phase. Since it can be used as fodder for Bind Time, this unit can be used in both early and late game to snipe RG.

Steam Fighter Attab: When this unit is placed in bind zone from the RG, up to 2 of your units can get +2k. This card may have some uses, but that amount of power won’t make up for losing a 7k booster.

Parallel Barrel Dragon: The second ideal bind target for Chronofang. While it is in bind zone, Parallel Barrel can rest a unit to call itself to the field with +4k power. So not only is this unit an 11k attack or boost, but it can be pulled out of the bind zone for next to no cost.

Steam Fighter, Nanneya: Nanneya’s skill is when any unit is placed into a  bind zone, this unit gains +4k. This unit can consistantly be 10k+ with the new support binding so often. Not to mention other clans that bind cards.

Tooth-edge Dracokid: This starter…is versatile, but not great. The skill is to put this unit into soul and discard a card, check the top card of your deck and put in onto the top or bottom, then draw a card, then if you have a face up G unit in the G zpne, to give a unit +5k. While the 4k base power and the partial skill restriction do hurt, the possible hand correction and extra power can be useful.

Tick-away Dragon: While not a card in the actual set, it is a box topper promo for G booster set 7. The skill is when a unit is placed on RG due to the skill of Time Leap, put a card from drop on the bottom of the deck. This skill is great for preventing deck out, which is more of a problem in Chronofang due to the amount of Soul Charging, but probably won’t be run at max number of copies.

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