Thoughts on Improving Springfest

Another Bushiroad Spring Fest has come and gone. With this past Spring Fest came new opportunities to meet people, compete with opponents, and enjoy the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard with players from around the region. Although this is an enjoyable experience for a lot of players, I would like to provide some ideas to the Vanguard community and, with much respect, to the Bushiroad company to consider when trying to improve the Cardfight!! Vanguard regional tournaments at Bushiroad Spring Fest events.

  • Increase amount of teams invited for Continental Championships. In order to incentivize players to take part in the regional tournaments, the company may need to increase the size and scale of the national and world tournaments in terms of players. One way of doing such is to increase the amount of invites that are given during the regional tournaments. One such way is to give out tournament invites to the top eight teams/players instead of the top three. This should increase the amount of people that would be able to go to the national invitational tournament. This method is used for regional tournaments for Magic: The Gathering*. Although some will argue for this, I would actually prefer the method that Yu-Gi-Oh! takes on this, which is determine invites based on amount of participants**. If done is this way, the amount of invites given out would be fair to the amount of players partaking in tournaments and not give away too many or too few invites (which is the risk one runs when setting a certain amount of invites).
  • Provide more regional locations. Although this suggestion can be applied to any region, this is specifically for the United States region. With the amount of potential players in areas of the world and the lack of locations that they can feasibly travel to, too few locations will needlessly limit the amount of players that can take part in the large tournaments. The reason this applies to the United States and some parts of Europe specifically is due to large geographic area that many players have to travel in order to attend tournaments, adding to the cost of participating in large events for the game they love to play. Long travel distances costs certain players too much money, eliminating their chances from participating in regional tournaments.
  • Use tie breaker games or matches to determine ties, not rock-paper-scissors. During Spring Fest events, players have noticed that breaking ties that determine what teams/players move on in the bracket have been determined by rock-paper-scissors in certain instances. This policy seems to be too random for the players, even for players who enjoy card games. Even if one was to argue that rock-paper-scissors is a game of skill, players should not have to prepare to be Vanguard champions and rock-paper-scissors champions for a Cardfight!! Vanguard tournament. Instead of doing this, there should be a playoff between the teams/players in such a state with a Vanguard match in order to determine how to break the tie. This ensures that the game can be more determined by actual skill in Cardfight!! Vanguard in the highest tournament levels.

Once again, these are just ideas about how Spring Fest could be improved. This article is meant to start a conversation between players, the Bushiroad company, and the Cardfight!! Vanguard community at large in order to keep improving the game that we all love and enjoy. Hope these ideas help us move forward to such improvement.

If anyone would like to discuss their thoughts or questions around these ideas, please leave them in the comments section.





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