Interview with SFOSC, Champions of Ohio’s Vanguard Spring Fest Team League

team sfosc

Cardfighters (from left to right) Michael Wait, Luke Flynn, and Andrew Duluard went on to win the Cardfight!! Vanguard tournament in Ohio during the Bushiroad Spring Fest Team League in June 2016. Credit for the photo goes to Heather Duluard.

We would like to congratulate Team SFOSC, the team that won the Cardfight!! Vanguard Team Event at the Bushiroad Spring Fest in Columbus, Ohio. Among its ranks, Andrew Duluard, Luke Flynn, and Michael Wait played as a team. In this team, Andrew played as Neo Nectar (Ahsha Bloom deck build), Luke Flynn played as Gold Paladin (Liberators deck build), and Michael Wait played as Granblue (Nightrose deck build). Their deck lists can be found here.

Q: How do you feel about winning the regional qualifier in Columbus, OH?

Andrew: Winning felt pretty good, but simply getting top 8 and eventually having our deck lists posted is great in itself.

Michael: Good, strong.

Luke:  I felt that it was a great accomplishment to win the tournament with two good friends and a great honor to play against such talented cardfighters.


Q: How did you all decide what decks would sit in which chair for the tournament?

Andrew: It really came down to which decks we thought may be at which spots, such as expecting Kagero at the lower spots and thus having Michael as seat three. I was in seat two as we believed that my deck had very few in unwinnable match-ups and that even if so, the rest of the team would have a better shot.

Michael: Basically, we put me where I had the greatest chances of facing an Overlord.

Luke: We decided that I would be seat one with my Gold Paladins because that would be where most of the control decks would be seated and I have the best counters too control decks.


Q: How did you prepare for the qualifier?

Andrew: We mainly prepared just by playing in our local tournaments and leagues.

Michael: Set-up games, set-up games, and more set-up games.

Luke: We prepared by testing different deck lists and played against different decks with those decks.


Q: How many years have you been playing the game?

Andrew: I’ve been playing the game since the very beginning, although the first year only consisted of the first Kagero trial deck.

Michael: 4? 5? For as long as the game’s been out.

Luke: I’ve been playing for four or five years.


Q: Besides the Continental Championships, what else do you want to do in California?

Andrew: Simply looking around Cali and observing the differences between it and Ohio will be cool in itself. Other than that, I mainly plan to stay pretty focused, as we won’t have too much time to wander.

Michael: Catch new stuff in Pokémon Go. 

Luke: While in California, I want to go sightseeing and hunt for Pokémon on Pokémon Go.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to say about the upcoming event?

Andrew: I hope that it’s fun and that we do well and have fun.

Luke: I’d like too thank my friends, family and teammates for helping too make this happen.


Q: Do you have any last minute words you would like to say to anyone?

Andrew: I would like to thank all my friends and family for supporting my hobbies and helping me to prepare for these tournaments. I would also like to thank Cody Vojtech for building the deck I used before obtaining and fine-tuning it. Finally, I’d like to thank my local game stores for their continued distribution and outlets of fun throughout my life.

Michael: I’m the Strongest Fighter of the Strongest Clan. From start to finish it’s always the climax.



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