We did it! Raindear vs The Universe

Velvet Voice, Raindear was a unit that held power in her own time. Unfortunately, that time was a few years ago. Around the time Limit Break started becoming a major part of deck construction, Raindear seemed to have lost her place among viable Bermuda Triangle units. Thankfully, with the introduction of G clan booster 3, Raindear gained enough support to become her own deck. A deck that can battle current meta decks on equal footing. Let’s look at the deck in detail in order to understand the combinations of skills and attacks that have revived the use of Raindear in Bermuda Triangle.

Grade 4 is not a priority in Raindear, but can still work well with her support units. Rain Element Madew is the MVP stride for the deck, as it can get Peaceful Voice, Raindear from the drop zone to field. Next is Fluffy Ribbon Somni. Somni can bounce a unit and call up to one with +3k, allowing Robel another shot at VG. Legend of the Glass Shoe, Amoris can bounce up to 2 units when strode on the vanguard, which aids in correcting the field and helps against clans like Megacolony. Lucky Rise, Elprina serves the same exact purpose as Amoris, but the soul blast may conflict with other skills.

For G guardians, Sailor’s Medley Nasha is the cheapest shield available. Hand in Hand Leona can combo well with the deck, by bouncing up to one RG, but if you use her skill to bounce a RG, you must call something from hand

*To players who want to upgrade this deck past budget, School Etoile Olyvia works extremely well as a win condition.

First, the original Velvet Voice Raindear. While she has a 10k base, whenever Raindear drive checks a grade 3 Bermuda Triangle, she can bounce up to one RG and call up to one Bermuda Triangle from hand. Essentially, she turns grade 3 units into stand triggers minus the power. Due to the synergy with the rest of her deck, Velvet Voice is the ideal first ride/ actual boss unit.

Next, the updated model, Peaceful Voice Raindear. Peaceful now comes with an 11k base and still gains skills off grade 3 units. When she drive checks a grade 3 unit, you can put a card from hand into soul to bounce up to 1 RG, and if Velvet Voice is in the soul or trigger zone, gains drive +1 once per turn. From the moment she hits the field, she can potentially have triple drive in practice. Her next skill is arguably her best feature. While she is in stand position on RG, at the end of the battle that your unit drove check a “Raindear”, she can counterblast 2 and move (not ride) onto the vanguard circle. It’s important to note that moving, unlike riding, she will keep all trigger effects and power buffs when moved to the vanguard circle.

Moving on to grade 2 units, first up is Inspect Sisters, Robel. While in the trigger zone, if you have a “Raindear” vanguard, she gets grade +1. 4 copies of her in deck means that there are now 12 grade 3 units in the deck. Her second skill is on RG, if you have a Raindear VG, on hit soulblast 1, put her on bottom of deck, draw 2 cards, and shuffle. 90% of the time this will eat shield instead of hitting, but either way mission accomplished. Next is Shyness Laguna, Lapla. When your drive check reveals a grade 3, while you have a Raindear VG, soul blast 1 to call up o one unit from hand and give the called unit and Lapla +2k each. While not amazing on the surface, Lapla can allow you to wait until you drive check a Raindear before committing Peaceful Voice to the field. The final grade 2 unit in the lineup is Admired Sparkle, Spica. The most expensive card in the main deck, and also the only GB unit. When she attacks a VG, if boosted, can bounce a unit to call up to 1 unit with +3k power. This will allow you to attack with Peaceful and still have her in stand when VG attacks, or just get back a card without calling a new one.

On to grade 1 units, 4 perfect guards are almost a given at this point in the metagame. This deck also runs 3 Talent of Perseverance, Shandee (Bermuda Triangle’s stride helper) due to the fact that you generally want to have Peaceful Voice on field instead of using her to stride. The next grade 1 is Dash Sisters, Rabel. Similar to Robel, when Rabel is in the trigger zone, she gains grade +2 if you have a Raindear vanguard. With 4 of her in the deck as well there is essentially 16 grade 3 units. Her next skill is when a grade 3 is checked, if you have a Raindear VG, you can put Rabel to bottom of deck, draw a card, shuffle, and counter charge 1. This allows you to commit boosters to a field and with then possibly gain it all back to hand. If you don’t have the CB for Peaceful Voice, Rabel can free up the damage beforehand. The last grade 1 unit is Piping Hot, Suifa. Suifa makes Velvet Voice in the column get +1k power, turning a 10k base to 11k. Next is while she is in the back row rearguard, if you drive check a grade 3 while you have a Raindear vanguard, Suifa will move to an open circle in the same column, stand, and get +4k power. Meaning she can restand as a booster if she can’t move, or move up as an 11k attacker.

The starter of the deck is Colorful Smiling Fratte. After she boosts, if you have a Raindear vanguard, you may counterblast 1, put her into the soul, bounce up to one RG, and call up to 2 rearguards from hand.

Triggers for this deck are largely up to the player. In my experience, 8 critical triggers, 4 draw triggers, and 4 heal triggers works best. Yes, at times, the draw triggers will cause you to draw grade 3 units, but the hand advantage is more important in my opinion.

The budget deck list for around the Raindear support is as follows:

Grade 4 Units
2-4x Rain Element, Madew
2-4x Fluffy Ribbon, Somni
2-4x Legend of he Glass Shoe, Amoris
2x Hand in Hand, Leona
2x Sailor’s Medley, Nasha

Grade 3 Units
4x Velvet Voice, Raindear
4x Peaceful Voice, Raindear

Grade 2 Units
4x Inspect Sisters, Robel
4x Shyness Laguna, Lapla
3x Admired Sparkle, Spica

Grade 1 Units
4x Mermaid Idol, Elly (Perfect Guard)
3x Talent of Perseverance, Shandee (Stride Helper)
4x Dash Sisters, Rabel
3x Piping Hot, Suifa

Grade 0 Units
1x Colorful Smiling, Fratte (Starter)
4x Comical Rainie (Critical)
4x Impact Punch, Michiru (Critical)
4x Heartful Ale, Fundy (Draw)
4x Sweet Temptation, Riko (Heal)


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