In Defense of Netdecking

In the Vanguard community, there are many things to consider in terms of deck creation and strategy. One such thing is the concept of netdecking. To define the term, netdecking is the practice of building a deck that is card from card from a tournament-winning deck list from the Internet*. Many people had problems with this due to the lack of originality. Although this is the case, there is a purpose of net decking that I would like to defend.

In relation to the new players, netdecking is very positive. Reasons for this are threefold.

  • Netdecking can be used as a way to save money. People in the vanguard community people can use deck lists in order to find ways to build decks without having to spend money on a single card. This saves the general cardfighter money that could be wasted in spending money on extra cards that may not be used in the build he or she wishes to try.
  • Netdecking can be used to learn the strategic methodologies of different players and different builds. For new players, it is vitally important to learn how different people approach and play the game on a strategic level. This is provided through deck lists online, showing the player what it takes to outwit your opponents or build a playable deck.
  • Netdecking can be used by new players in order to get into the game quickly. Typically, it takes time to learn how to properly build a deck before one can take it to tournaments. With netdecking, people can build and try decks while still not knowing the process of deck building in the highest detail. This helps players get introduced to the game in small increments, making the game more approachable.

What is your opinion on netdecking? Is there a time and place for such practices? Please put your opinions in the comments.

*The term originated in Yu-Gi-Oh! but is seen in other card games as well, including Cardfight!! Vanguard. More is explained at this link:


One thought on “In Defense of Netdecking

  1. Hello, i’m Blaster Magician (i’m a blogger too), I create and post decklist in my blog, but i don’t propose that my followers or my blog readers to copy 100% exact the decklist I post (Not in the way they think it’s flawless), i do it because i want my readers know how is the deck their probably face, or the deck probably want to build.
    I always say to my friends,play the way you get fun,i’m the guy that choose triggers in base of the arts, One of the best player i know, used to play just one Marron (8k vanillla) on his Altmile Deck.


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