Dark Rex 2.0 Deck


Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex

Back in the ancient times of the early limit break format, a build from the Tachikaze clan made tracks by using the Raptor ride chain in order to create a field to enable the limit break of Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex. Known to many who played the game back during the days of that format, Dark Rex was the clans first semblance of a restanding vanguard predating Absolute Dragon, Gluttony Dogma. If you want a deck that forces the past to collide with the present, this might be the deck to play.

Grade 4 Units
4x Iron-armored Chancellor, Dymorphalanx (G Guardian)
4x Destruction Tyrant, Hellrex Maxima
4x Destructive Equipment, Hammer Gewalt
3x Destruction Tyrant, Gradogigant
1x Water Element, Madew

Grade 3 Units
4x Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex
4x Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel

Grade 2 Units
4x Military Dragon, Raptor Captain
3x Explosive Dragon, Sarcoblaze
4x Tank Mammoth

Grade 1 Units
4x Military Dragon, Raptor Sergeant
4x Savage Guardian (Perfect Guard)
2x Ancient Dragon, Tyrannoblaze (Limit Break Enabler)
3x Winged Dragon, Skyptero

Grade 0 Units
2x Black Cannon Tiger (Critical)
4x Ancient Dragon, Dinodile (Critical)
2x Ancient Dragon, Titanocargo (Draw)
4x Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo (Draw)
4x Savage Healer (Heal)
1x Military Dragon, Raptor Soldier (Starter)


Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel

The main backbone of this deck is the ride chain for Tachikaze, which is found in the Raptor series. This starts with Raptor Soldier, which has the ability to search the top seven cards for a Raptor Captain (grade 2 unit of the chain) or a Raptor Colonel (grade 3 unit of the chain) when a Raptor Sergeant (grade 1 unit of the chain) rides this starter (and is otherwise a forerunner). When Raptor Captain rides Raptor Sergeant with Raptor Soldier in the soul, the player can call a copy of Raptor Sergeant from the deck to the rearguard. Likewise, when Raptor Colonel rides Raptor Sergeant with Raptor Soldier in the soul, the player can call a copy of Raptor Sergeant from the deck to the rearguard. This ride chain provides ways to supply rearguards from the deck, saving the player hand and resources in order to call a field to retire for skills and to rush the opponent in the early game.

Beyond the cards called from the deck from the ride chain, there are other units that are great targets to retire for skills. Skyptero can return to hand with the cost of one counterblast when placed from the field to the drop zone. Tank Mammoth can return to the field with 3K additional power when placed from the field to the drop zone during the player’s turn with the cost of one counterblast and one soul blast, providing another viable attacker during the turn.

The grade 3 units of this deck greatly benefit from having rearguards on the field in order retire them to unlock their limit breaks (hence the reason for running Tyrannoblaze). Raptor Colonel’s limit break allows the player to retire two of his or her units and the cost of one counterblast in order to give the retired units’ combined power to Raptor Colonel during the turn when the Colonel attacks. If the opponent decides to guard a large attack from the vanguard, Dark Rex can retire three units from the field and ride the vanguard at stand from the bind zone. In addition to this, Dark Rex has a secondary skill that allows the card to be put to the bind zone from the hand in order to give a Tachikaze unit 3K additional power, setting up Dark Rex to reride from the bind zone from the unit’s limit break skill.


Destruction Tyrant, Gradogigant

The most dangerous turn of this deck is threatening the opponent with a large vanguard attack that the opponent either takes damage or guards with a large portion of the hand, which allows Dark Rex to restand for another attack from the bind zone. Along with Raptor Colonel, the strides of this deck help set up this dangerous scenario by providing the player with high-powered strides and plays that allows the player to set up such a dangerous turn. Hellrex Maxima can retire a rearguard once a turn in order to search the deck for a card with “Rex” in its name in order to put it into the bind zone. This helps set up Dark Rex for its limit break. In addition to this, the same skill will give 4K power to the front row, making any 7K base power or higher rearguards in the front row a viable attacker against an 11K base power vanguard. Hammer Gewalt is in the deck for advantage plays with Tank Mammoth and Skyptero due to its skill, which allows the unit to engorge two or more units on attack in order to retire one unit in the opponent’s front row.  Gradogigant can engorge in order to gain 5K power for each rearguard retired with its engorge ability and allows the player to draw a card if the amount of rearguards retired with the engorge ability is three or more. Madew allows the player to retrieve a grade 3 unit from the drop zone and placing it in hand if Madew strides on a vanguard with 10K base power or less, which will allow the player to retrieve Dark Rex from the drop zone and potentially use his skill to place him in the bind zone.

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. Please leave any questions or comments in about this deck list in the comments section.

Images of cards came from http://cardfight.wikia.com/wiki/Cardfight!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

2 thoughts on “Dark Rex 2.0 Deck

    • Fixed the list to include heal triggers. Good catch!

      In relation to using Dark Rex in the Gaia build, I think that it is a very viable idea that can has been used in tournaments. Although this is the case, I think that the player has to be careful about when to use Dark Rex, as it can hurt the field the player is setting up for future engorge turns.


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