Starting the Game: Playing at Local Tournaments


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Playing at local tournaments is the final step in the process of starting to play the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard. As the beginner, all of the preparation that you have been doing has prepared you for this type of event, which allows local players to meet up and play on a weekly basis. In the event that you is comfortable with playing in local tournaments, you typically should be able to find a location in the local area that serves as a venue for official Bushiroad local tournaments. A directory of local tournaments can be found in the Tournaments/Events section on Bushiroad’s Cardfight!! Vanguard website.

Local tournaments are a useful way of getting used to playing the game and learning as you go. With this in mind, there are a few pieces of advice to consider when going to your first local tournament:

  • Mention that you are starting the game. In the event that you are playing slowly due to trying to process decisions, you can kindly mention that you are starting the game. This should only be done the first few tournaments, since the player will typically get used to tournaments as he or she plays.
  • Ask questions about rules needed. Since you are a beginner, there is no harm in asking about basic rules at a local tournament. It is recommended either to ask the opponent’s that you face in the local tournaments or the tournament organizer about the floor rules of the tournament or the basic rules of Cardfight!! Vanguard.
  • Ask to read the opponent’s cards. This tip is for beginners and experts. If you do not know what the opponent’s cards do, ask the opponent if he or she can let you read the card. Games are won or lost on knowing what opponents’ cards do. If the opponent will not let you read his or her cards, ask the opponent what skills the card(s) have.
  • Use the first few tournaments as a way to know people. Getting to know people in the local area is one of the great benefits that local tournaments provide. At worst, you can find people to trade cards with in order to obtain card singles you may need for current or future decks. At best, you could start finding new friends to play the game with outside of local tournaments.
  • Do not get discouraged when you lose. Do not worry too much about winning or losing when starting out. Coming from the author’s experience, you will have the tendency to lose some in your first few tournaments. This is part of the learning process, which will help the player get stronger overtime if the player learns as he or she plays and keeps playing the game. Celebrate your victories, but also learn what you did wrong when you lost.

These tips should help in your pursuit of getting started in the game of Vanguard and a kick start into the community’s involvement in the game. The most important tip: play lots of Vanguard, whether at local tournaments or beyond them.

I hope this article helped. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

One thought on “Starting the Game: Playing at Local Tournaments

  1. Be careful with your opponent’s cards.
    Play fun fight before the tournament.
    Arrange and shuffle your deck.
    Don’t stare to much to your opponent’s face, some people don’t like it.

    Those are my advices.


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