Editor’s Note: Ode to the Underdogs


Wingal Brave

Courage is always within you.

Wingal Brave

It was another Saturday of Cardfight!! Vanguard. The drive was pleasant enough, with sunshine streaming through the trees and little traffic on the highway, quiet from the typical buzzing traffic found during the rush hour of the week. The regulars were at the shop, greeting me as I walked in. Nothing out of the ordinary happened as we started the weekly tournament. I was paired against a relative beginner of the game. Then it happened.

Someone cheered against the beginner.

The situation was innocent enough. I have assurance that the person cheering had no ill will, since the player only voiced his or her preferred winner in the matchup. We all cheer for some people to win, since we favor them. This is not what struck me odd when it happened. It is because I was in the beginner’s shoes at many points before. A game where the odds are stacked against me. A game that other people fated me to lose. A game that posed a daunting wall of a player or deck that I would rather not face. I waited with baited breath to see what the player would do in response to this. What would the player say? What would he do to defend himself?

He said nothing, shuffled his deck, and offered a cut. Nothing more, nothing less.

We all have been in this situation before, especially when playing Cardfight!! Vanguard. Logically, two options come to the forefront when in this situation: give up, or press on. If you give up, there is no chance of victory since giving up equates to a surrender or loss. In addition to this, giving up early enough in the game or before the game begins means that there is nothing to learn from such a loss. If you press on, however, you have a chance to win and/or gain knowledge of how to beat a difficult opponent next time.

As difficult as it seems, this player made the right choice, and I applaud him for it. It takes courage to continue cardfighting in difficult matchups. It takes great humility to continue playing without defending oneself and continuing to learn from others. At one point of the game, we all probably remember having the same struggle. It is time to remember that again. To remember that we were once novice players trying our best to learn the game. To remember that we had to learn from losses and input from more experienced players in order to get better, just like everyone else. Cheer for the underdogs too! We were all like them at one point in our cardfighting career.

To all underdogs and past underdogs, keep cardfighting and improve your skills one game at a time. If we improve together, our community will be stronger and more fun for it.

Best regards,
Jonathan Smith
Cardfight Lab Tech
Editor in Chief

Images of cards came from http://cardfight.wikia.com/wiki/Cardfight!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

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