Giraffa/Goliath Deck


A-rank Mutant, Sangiraffa

There are many different types of units and characters in the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard, but there is only a handful of them that that compose decks that makes the player feel like a conqueror. Out of the handful of deck builds that give off an atmosphere of dominance, the support around Giraffa has to be the most impressive for someone looking to build a deck on a limited budget. With the help of the new support from The Genius Strategy, the Giraffa ride chain has regained its ability to strike fear into opponents that face it. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units
4x Evil Armor Mutant Deity, Goliath
4x Poison Spear Mutant Deity, Paraspear
3x Rain Element, Madew
1x Wild-fire Mutant Deity, Staggle Dipper
4x Dream Mutant Deity, Scarabgas (G Guard)

Grade 3 Units
4x Evil Armor General, Giraffa (Ride Chain)
4x A-rank Mutant, Sangiraffa

Grade 2 Units
4x A-rank Mutant, Guragiraffa
4x Elite Mutant, Giraffa (Ride Chain)
3x Rotating Scythe Mutant, Aristoscythe

Grade 1 Units
4x Elite Mutant, Tryghul
4x Pupa Mutant, Giraffa (Ride Chain)
4x Hexagon Mutant, Honeycomb Queen (Perfect Guard)
2x New Face Mutant, Little Dorcas (Stride Helper)

Grade 0 Units
4x Shelter Beetle (Critical)
4x Sharp Nail Scorpio (Critical)
4x Machining Honeybee (Heal)
4x Makeup Widow (Stand)
1x Larva Mutant, Giraffa (Starter) (Ride Chain)

NOTE: In order to reduce repetitive phrasing, I am using the first part of the original Giraffa units names in the ride chain to refer to them.

The strategy of the deck revolves around the Giraffa ride chain, a ride chain coming from the very beginnings of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Larva Mutant, the starter for the deck, allows the player to search for a copy of Elite Mutant when Pupa Mutant rides on it. Pupa Mutant also benefits from this, since becomes a 8K base grade 1 vanguard. Elite Mutant is able to prevent an opponent’s unit from standing on his or her next turn (this prevention of standing units is also known as stunning a unit) when Elite Mutant hits the vanguard while it is a vanguard unit. Although the player will not use its skill often, Evil Armor General (as the vanguard) is able to counterblast two and retire two rearguard units when it hits the opponent’s vanguard in order to retire two of the opponent’s grade 1 or less rearguards.

The emphasis of the units in the ride chain is on advantage, whether that is found in using on-hit pressure to take resources away from the opponent or using the ride chain to save resources in riding from one grade to the other. When the ride chain was released in the game, the ride chain may have not needed help in order to remain relevant in the game. Although that is the case, it has been many years since the ride chain first appeared on the scene, and Bushiroad has graciously given the ride chain new lease on life through the support found in The Genius Strategy and Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter. In order to enhance these characteristics, such support around the Giraffa ride chain and Megacolony as a whole provide this deck the ability to maintain or gain resources and the ability to give the field power based on the rested units on the opponent’s side of field.


Elite Mutant, Tryghul

There are several notable cards in this build that help maintain advantage for defense and setting up for the final offensive pushes, since the deck relies on high-pressure rearguards in order to overcome the opponent (this is mainly referring to Goliath, which is considered the unit that finishes off the opponent). Tryghul allows the player to check the top 5 cards for a card with “Giraffa” in its name when a unit is rested on the opponent’s field at the beginning of the opponent’s ride phase. In other words, if the opponent has a unit stunned at the beginning of turn (whether that be the vanguard or rearguard), then the skill of Tryghul activates as a result. Although not specific to Giraffa, Makeup Widow’s generation break dark device skill allows her to stun one of the opponent’s grade 1 or less units and countercharge one damage for the cost of putting her to soul from the rearguard. Her skill is mainly for replenishing counterblast and stunning a booster, which potentially enables Tryghul on the opponent’s turn. Madew is run in this build when one has to stride on Evil Armor General, which allows the player to return a grade 3 unit from the drop zone to hand and, in effect, another Giraffa unit. Paraspear rests the opponent’s rearguards and gains 5K power and allows the player to draw a card if there are three or more total units rested on the opponent’s side of field. In order to help the ride chain gain consistency, Guragiraffa enhances the ride chain through correcting it. Specifically, Guragiraffa can be discarded from hand if the player’s vanguard is Larva Mutant (starter) in order to search the deck for Pupa Mutant, allowing the player to ride the ride chain correctly and subsequently search Elite Mutant once Pupa Mutant rides the vanguard.


Evil Armor Mutant Deity, Goliath

With its consistent engine focusing on gaining advantage and resources, it is ideal for setting up a endgame consisting of Evil Armor Mutant Deity, Goliath. Goliath is able to counterblast one when he is on a heart with “Giraffa” in the name in order to give units with “Giraffa” in their name two skills. The first skill continuously gives the unit with “Giraffa” in its name 5K power if all of the opponent’s units are at rest. The second skill gives units with “Giraffa” in their name the ability to stun a rearguard when the unit with the ability hits a vanguard.With these given skills, the units with these abilities can stun a rearguard on hit, but the power is not gained unless all of the opponent’s units are at rest. If the opponent chooses to not rest certain units, cards like Guragiraffa and Sangiraffa can help with resting them. Guragiraffa can rest a rearguard unit and gain 2K power for one counterblast, making Guragiraffa an 11K beater. With he hits the vanguard as a vanguard or a rearguard, A-rank Mutant, Sangiraffa rests a rearguard, stuns it, and gives that rearguard the ability to retire one of the opponent’s rearguards if it is placed to the drop zone from the rearguard or the guardian circle until the end of the opponent’s next turn for one counterblast. Along with Goliath, Staggle Dipper and Aristoscythe gain power based on rested units on the opponent’s side of field. Aristoscythe has a dark device skill that allows her to become an 11K beater. Staggle Dipper can give 1K to three units on the field for each rested unit on the opponent’s side of field for one counterblast and flipping a unit face up in the G zone.

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. Please leave any questions or comments in about this deck list in the comments section.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

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