Editor’s Note: Lab Tech’s 1st Anniversary

Pearl Sisters, Perla

Pearl Sisters, Perla

Thank you so much for listening to our song, everyone!

Pearl Sisters, Perla

To all our dear readers, supporters, contributors, and friends,

I would like to start by thanking you for your overwhelming support of the blog and our efforts. Over the last year, seven contributors and myself have taken on the endeavor of supplying you with budget deck lists for Cardfight!! Vanguard. Although it seemed simple and unimportant at first, it grew into more that that over the course of the last year. It grew because you nourished it and helped it grow. For that, I thank you all.

It has been quite the eventful year. When I started this blog in November of last year, I had started it with the desire to help the community find ways to compete smarter and cheaper. People in my local community were having problems getting started in the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard, especially when many people in the community said that they needed the most expensive deck in order to do so. I started this blog with the intention to say otherwise.

And you all joined me in that effort. Writers joined the blog to show their innovation and help people get better at the game. Readers came to improve their game, even though we are slowly improving and growing along with them. Players attended tournaments around the world and won with decks that did not break the bank. Thanks for the journey. I would definitely do this all over again if I was asked if I would. Please keep reading, keep learning, and keep growing as a player.

In addition to improving as a player, I would like to thank you for showing me over the course of this year lessons that you either taught me or reminded me that I need to keep in mind in my daily life. Some of these lessons include:

  • Teamwork is meant to be done with many people.
  • In order to learn, you need to be teachable and humble.
  • It is okay to admit when you are wrong.
  • It is okay to defend yourself when you are right.

It is ironic that this post is being published during the Thanksgiving season, which, in the United States, is a historically Christian holiday spent thinking about all of the blessings and good things that have happened over the course of the general past. The past is not perfect (even for this blog), but I know that I can look back on this year and be thankful for the many great things that has happened and the amazing community that has come to support this effort. Thanks again, and I hope you have had as great of a time as I have had. Here is to more good times, good friends, and many more cardfights!

See You All Soon,
Jonathan Smith
Cardfight Lab Tech
Editor in Chief

Images of cards came from http://cardfight.wikia.com/wiki/Cardfight!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

One thought on “Editor’s Note: Lab Tech’s 1st Anniversary

  1. Congratulations, i don’t use to see others blog to much, but this blog have good articles to help the beginners and not only them, there are funny decks and other important stuff in this blog.

    I don’t have a year blogging yet (i started on April this year) but i have grow to much in those moths and if i compare the beginning of the blog and what it is now, i grew up as a player and as a fan of this card game.

    Like you, i want to help the vanguard community to grow up, i want people get into this game and play, win and have fun, to lose and share. Obviously i made some mistakes and i learn from others, but sometimesthe desire to share it what counts.

    Don’t stop blogging and thanks for those good post, good luck for the next year.


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