Ripples Deck (After Limitation)

Rolling Ripple, Miltiadis

Rolling Ripple, Miltiadis

The archetype of the Ripples in the Aqua Force clan used to be on the top of the world, taking the world championships by storm as of 2016. After its time in the spotlight, Bushiroad placed a limitation on a card that enabled much of the strength of the Ripple deck: Flash Ripple Odysseus. Although this limitation is in place, Ripples are able to rock the boat in the casual or competitive scene if built and played a certain way. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units
2x Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros
1x Rain Element, Madew
1x Marine General of the Heavenly Scales, Tidal Bore Dragon
4x Surging Ripple, Prodromos
4x Storm Dominator, Commander Thavas
1x Dark Element, Dizmel (G Guard)
2x Guard Leader of the Sky and Water, Flotia (G Guard)
1x Blue Storm Deterrence Dragon, Ice Barrier Dragon (G Guard)

Grade 3 Units
4x Rolling Ripple, Miltiadis
3x Thundering Ripple, Genovious (Ride Chain)

Grade 2 Units
4x Unruly Ripple, Lapis
4x Rising Ripple, Pavroth (Ride Chain)
4x Couple Dagger

Grade 1 Units
2x Flash Ripple, Odysseus
4x Silent Ripple, Sotirio (Ride Chain)
1x Blue Storm Guardian Dragon, Icefall Dragon (Quintet Wall)
3x Emerald Shield, Paschal (Perfect Guard)
4x Dispatch Mission Seagull Soldier

Grade 0 Units
4x Ripple of Demise, Orest (Critical)
4x  Medical Officer of the Blue Storm Fleet (Heal)
4x Supersonic Sailor (Critical)
4x Battle Siren, Mallika (Draw)
1x Starting Ripple, Alecs (Starter)

Rising Ripple, Pavroth

Rising Ripple, Pavroth

The backbone of this deck is centered around the Ripple ride chain, which consists of Alecs, Sotirio, Pavroth, and Genovious. When the player rides Sotirio on Alecs, the starter of the deck, the player to search the top seven cards of the deck for one copy of either Pavroth or Genovious while shuffling the rest back into the deck. In addition to this, Sotirio gains 1k power consistently while Alecs is in the soul, making his base power 8k total. If Alecs is in the soul, and something else other than Pavroth rides Sotirio, the player is able to search the top seven cards for one copy of Pavroth, ride it, and shuffle the rest back. So… why spend all of this trouble searching Pavroth?  Pavroth is the heart and soul of the early game in this deck, allowing the player to stand a unit with an additional 3k power if Pavroth hits the opponent’s vanguard as the player’s vanguard. With Sotirio in the soul, Pavroth is 10k base as the vanguard, allowing for a good defense in the early game as well. Genovious, the grade 3 of the ride chain, has a limit break that allows the player to stand all rearguard units on the board if, at the end of Genovious’ attack, there are three rested units in the front for the cost of discarding a copy of Genovious from hand and two counterblast.

Flash Ripple, Odysseus

Flash Ripple, Odysseus

Although the original Ripple ride chain was released in BT11, later support for the ride chain made riding the correct targets more consistent. The main attack support for Ripples came in the form of Lapis, which gains 3k until the end of turn when it attacks and there are two or more Ripples at rest when it attacks (and yes, this power can stack if it attacks multiple times during the turn). Aside from attack support, the jewel of the Ripple support is Odysseus, which adds consistency to the ride chain and does not sacrifice advantage to do so. Specifically, Odysseus allows the player once a turn to put a rearguard other than Odysseus to the soul in order to search the deck for a card with “Ripple” in the card name that is the same name as the vanguard, ride it, and call a unit from the soul that is the same grade as the vanguard with 2k additional power. Not only does Odysseus’ skill allow the player to ride the correct unit in the ride chain, it also allows the player to allow units in the early game to hit the vanguard, even with defensive 8k and 10k bases. Since having the correct Ripple units is important, the rest of the Ripple support searches for units with “Ripple” in the card name, adding to consistency. Miltiadis, a legion created later to pair with Genovious, has two important skills for the deck that fit into the multi-attack mechanics of Aqua Force and the theme of searching for Ripples. The first skill allows Miltiadis to counterblast one when it rides the vanguard to check the top three cards for one card with “Ripple” in the name, add it to hand, and place the rest in the drop zone. This first ability can be abused with the skill of Odysseus, which might allow the player to ride twice and use the Miltiadis skill in the same turn. When the vanguard attacks in legion, the second skill allows the player to stand a unit and countercharge one damage if there are three or more units at rest in the front and draw a card if there are three or more units at rest in the back row. When two or more other Ripple units are at rest, Orest can be placed to the bottom of the deck to allow the player to search the top five cards of the deck for a unit with “Ripple” in the card name, place that card to hand before shuffling the deck. On hit, Prodromos can flip over a copy of himself in the G zone in order to search the top five cards of the deck for two units with “Ripple” in the card name and call them to the rearguard.

Although there is large amounts of synergy among the Ripple units in the deck, there are not enough Ripple support to make a deck fully out of Ripple units. With this in mind, other cards from the Aqua Force clan synergize well with the rest of the Ripple archetype. Thavas can help the pilot of this deck in the Link Joker matchup, allowing them to attack with units in the back row. Madew, which allows the player to get a grade 3 unit from the drop zone when striding on top of a vanguard with less than 11k power, can help conserve card advantage and/or set up for Genovious’ limit break in the late game when striding on Genovious or Miltiadis in legion. Mallika and Seagull Soldier can help allow single rearguard units to hit the vanguard when they give them 3k additional power. Couple Dagger helps enable multiple attacks with rearguards in the early game before striding, and Lambros enables more attacks in the player needs more attacks than the legion can provide. With many units in the deck that rely on soul and counterblast, Supersonic Sailor in the deck to be able to supply countercharge options if the need arises.

I hope you enjoyed this deck list. Please leave any questions or comments in about this deck list in the comments section.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.


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