Finding Tournament-Winning Decks from Around the World

Globe Armadillo

Globe Armadillo

If you have been around your local game shop, you may have seen some of the same decks win over and over again several weeks or months in a row. It has happened to everyone, causing those who go through such an experience to wonder if it is the same everywhere in the world. Do the same decks top everywhere? Sometimes, but some players around the world can either win tournaments with such decks with variations, or something completely different.

This post will help those who are seeking how other players, those who share our love or intrigue for this game from around the world, build or play decks different from something one may be familiar with. With this in mind, I would like to give disclaimers before sharing locations where this information can be found:

  • Consider that metagames are different around the world. Though there may be similarities in the popularity of specific decks around the world, metagames may vary overall due to different tastes and strategies. It is wise to keep this in mind, since certain decks or builds have success based on the metagames in the regions they are played in. For more information on measuring metagames, please visit our article about metagames here.
  • Don’t blindly copy deck lists, but learn from them. Although playing deck lists from around the world may benefit the player using them, it does not make one a better player unless one learns why certain decks or deck lists were effective, which ties into the previous disclaimer.
  • This list may not be exhaustive. We are continually looking to upgrade this post if we receive any information about other websites or sources of information. If you would like to suggest some, please go to our suggestion box in the menu under the “Contact Us” section.
  • All owners of the referenced sources below retain their ownership and rights of their respective web content. Cardfight Lab Tech does not claim any ownership over other player or company referenced in this post other than its own content.

With that in mind, here are some of the locations that contain information about decks from around the world:

  • Bushiroad’s English Deck Recipes Page (Worldwide). This site contains the top deck lists from the Bushiroad premiere events over the years, ranging from decks used in single-player events or team events.  (URL:
  • Bushiroad’s Japanese Deck Recipes Page (Japan). This site includes winning deck lists of major Japanese events beyond the world championships, ranging from local regional championships to national championships within Japan. (URL:
  • Vanguard Card Search (Japan). A directory of deck lists found at tournaments, local and national, which are cataloged for the sake of archiving the winners and players in Japan. (URL: Search URL:**)
  • ARG’s Metagame Page (USA). As a main tournament organizer in the United States, ARG is archiving the deck lists and players that achieve the top placements, which includes biographies of the players and their deck lists at each regional USA event listed on the page. (URL:
  • DifferentFight’s Competitive Wrap Up (Worldwide). Differentfight, a European Vanguard YouTuber, has done a fantastic job covering events in his videos of decks and deck archetypes that are victorious around the world. For a person who wants a quick reference to decks topping around the world, this is the best source one can have. (URL:
  • Twitter Search Term “ヴァンガード 優勝” (Japan). Translating to “Vanguard championship” in English according to Twitter, this Japanese search term seems to be used at times among Japanese card shops and players that share deck list photos on Twitter, which are used to recognize and congratulate winning players. Although the search results are not all deck lists, there are a good number of Japanese deck lists that can be found in the results.*
  • Twitter Search Term “VGCS” (Japan). This search will typically return VGCS tournament announcements and results, including deck lists that have done well within the Japanese tournament scene at VGCS events. Results reported from such events may include deck lists or replays from tournament matches. In addition to this search term, drop-down suggestions from Twitter will suggest specific VGCS event tags if you want to follow a specific tournament event. **

I hope this helps you find out more about what players are using around the world in the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard. If you have any questions of comments, please leave them in the comments section.

** This is included due to reader recommendation.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

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