How To Not Burnout During a Tournament

In any gaming environment, tournaments can last anywhere from a few hours to a series of days, which can be mentally straining on any participant competing in the game of choice. Although the player may be skilled enough to take any opponent, mental burnout can cause such a player to not perform optimally in the later rounds, potentially causing preventable losses. Although burnout is a danger to the player’s performance in the tournament setting, there are some ways to stay mentally focused during game tournaments:

  1. Have a simple plan for victory. In David Sirlin‘s book Playing to Winhe draws wisdom from his colleague Seth Killian and suggests that the player have a simple game plan for victory. The reason? Although it may not be impressive at times, a simple game plan that is executed thoughtlessly in the early rounds will save mental energy for the later stages of the tournament.
  2. Focus on one match at a time. Killian’s advice found in the book Playing to Win also suggests that one not worry about the future events in the tournament, hinting that the player should live moment by moment in the tournament setting.
  3. Take breaks between rounds if possible. Although this seems simple, taking a moment to collect oneself can allow the player to refocus and move ahead to the next match. This is especially true if one had a rough game in one of the previous rounds, since stepping away from a rough game may allow the player to refocus for the following matches.
  4. Take snacks for day-long tournaments. Some tournaments last for the entire day without lunch breaks, which can hurt the player’s focus due to hunger. The solution is simple: take some snacks with you to the tournament. If the player is unable to take snacks to the tournament, one can find places to buy food around the tournament venue.

Have any more tips for focusing more and burning out less during tournaments? Please leave your ideas, comments, or questions in the comments section.

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