Crimson Roar, Metatron Deck

Crimson Roar, Metatron

Crimson Roar, Metatron

Angel Feather tends to be remembered nowadays for its great offense and defense through the use of Rescue, which allows them to damage themselves after healing to gain additional trigger effects and power.  While that gives the clan great capabilities in the late-game, it tends to fall behind in the early-game due to its reliance on units with Generation Break skills.  This can cause issues if you enter a point when you cannot take enough damage during your opponent’s turn to trigger your skills.  Well, that all changes with this deck.

Deck List

While it does utilize some of the above mechanics, several cards that allow you to manipulate your damage early alongside cards that gain power when you do so (most without Generation Break), giving the deck the ability to fend for itself in the early-game and threaten a very short game for the opponent.  The decks lack of reliance on Striding due to using cards with Limit Break, preventing the player from having an uneventful turn that can commonly arise in decks that want to Stride but don’t have the immediate resources.  Also, the deck can achieve its Generation Break skills through the use of Generation Guarding, allowing the player to continue to use their Limit Break skills while using all their Rearguard skills.  Overall, the deck offers a change of pace for Angel Feather that is not noticed as much in this day and age.  Also, it gives you the chance to play with some older cards, which can be enjoyable in a different rite. Here is the deck list:

Grade 4 Units:
1x Black Seraph, Vellator Terminal (GB8 Stride)
1x Holy Seraph, Zachariel
3x Holy Seraph, Altiel
2x Holy Seraph, Raziel
4x Black Seraph, Gavrail
3x Holy Seraph, Suriel (G-Guardian)
2x Black Seraph, Eleleth (G-Guardian)

Grade 3 Units:
4x Crimson Impact, Metatron (Limit Break)
4x Crimson Roar, Metatron (Limit Break)

Grade 2 Units:
4x Million Ray Pegasus
4x Nurse of Broken Heart
3x Love Machine Gun, Nociel

Grade 1 Units:
4x Thousand Ray Pegasus
4x Doctroid Remnon (Perfect Guard)
4x Confidence Celestial, Rumjal (Limit Break Enabler)
2x Black Call, Nakir (Stride Assist)

Grade 0 Units:
1x Hope Child, Turiel (Starter)
4x Hot Shot Celestial, Samyaza (Critical)
4x Surgery Angel (Stand)
1x Doctroid Refros (Stand)
3x Fever Therapy Nurse (Draw)
4x Sunny Smile Angel (Heal)

Deck Highlights



General Notes on the Deck

Overall, the deck construction itself is fairly simple:  Throw in cards that gain power and cards that can power them up while making sure to include Strides and G-Guardians. If you can, try to only Stride once or twice while continuously using each Metatron’s limit break to upgrade your cards and power-up your units.  Your goal is to end the game before your opponent has access to their most powerful Stride units, so fight fast and furiously.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this list can be used as a base for additional deck-building and tinkering.  With this in mind, each player can find how they like to play the deck and change it accordingly based on their play style and budget (especially with the G zone).

Thousand Ray Pegasus + Million Ray Pegasus

If you need to hold back due to their aggression being better, the Pegasi give you great defensive capabilities against aggression, especially since they gain power on the vanguard in the early game. These units also synergize well with the Rescue mechanics and units that switch out large amounts of damage in the late game (like Vellator Terminal and Raziel).

Nurse of Broken Heart

This unit is very useful in the late game, enabling it and the vanguard to power up every a card is put into the damage zone during the player’s turn and the opponent’s turn at generation break 1. Much like the Pegasi,  Broken Heart synergizes well with the Rescue mechanics in the deck and units that switch out large amounts of damage in the late game.

Crimson Roar, Metatron + Crimson Impact, Metatron

The abilities of both Metatrons can be used to exchange units from the field and the damage zone in order to optimize the field and power up units that rely on cards being put into the damage zone.

Black Seraph, Vellator Terminal + Holy Seraph, Raziel

In their respective abilities, these units allow the player to swap up to five damage in the damage zone with more cards, allowing units like Nurse of Broken Heart and the Pegasi to power up for a finishing turn with potentially 10k+ power.

Black Seraph, Gavrail + Holy Seraph, Suriel + Surgery Angel

These units supply part of the backbone of the Rescue mechanics of the deck, allowing the player to perform rescue check during the battle phase (Surgery Angel and Gavrail) and guard phase (Suriel).

Hope Child, Turiel + Love Machine Gun, Nociel

Not only do Nociel and Turiel allow the player to swap cards in and out of the damage zone before striding, it also allows the player to grab cards from the damage zone that they may need in hand before or during generation break.

Doctroid Refros

This card provides drawing options after striding while placing itself in the deck as another trigger and switching 2 cards in and out of the damage zone. In addition to this detail, it is only included in this deck at one copy due to the restriction placed on the card by Bushiroad.

Options: Holy Seraph, Zachariel + Holy Seraph, Altiel + Black Seraph, Vellator Terminal

These are provided in the deck list a potential options to fill in the grade 4 slots in the deck. Although these are provided in the deck list, these cards are optional and can be replaced if the user of this deck finds something more effective. Also, Zachariel is provided as a budget option, which can be replace with another copy of Altiel if the player has the budget for it.

Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

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