Top 5 Red Cards in DB-BT01 and First-Run Trial Decks

Hello readers of Cardfight Lab Tech! This will be the first in a series of Dragoborne articles that are planned in the upcoming months. To start off, I will be briefly discussing what I think are the top 5 most impactful cards for each of the 5 color combinations! Our first article will focus on red cards in the Rally to War, the first released set in the game. Listed below are my top five picks for the top 5 most impactful cards in red in Dragoborne in the set Rally to War:

5. Carefree Orc.


Carefree Orc is a solid card that can find its way into any red deck color combination regardless of what the decks game plan is. While dragocrossed, it can hit a 6 roll dragoshield for half of its value while either removing or assisting in the removal of early game creatures through direct damage. It’s a strong addition to nearly any red deck because of the sheer annoyance and power it can provide.

4. Pyroblast.


This card just oozes with potential value. If you’re playing multiple red banners or if you’re playing with dice value modification abilities, it becomes very likely to threaten 5-6 direct burn damage on all creatures on one opponent’s fort. Anyone that triggers the activation of this card without paying attention to dice can put himself or herself in a game-losing situation.

3. Torch.


Torch is the essential removal card of red and it has multiple pros and cons. Among these, one of the major pros is that this card has fort burst which allows you to shut down attacks or save a fort at random during your opponents turn without needing to spend anything including the 2 resources needed to set an ambush. Another major pro of this card is that you can hard cast it to take out important targets in nearly all stages of the game. The con of this card is that its damage is based on your dice value which allows opponents to have certain interactions with it, just like with Pyroblast.

2. Fafneer, Volatile Fire.


Cards that are impactful right away as soon as they are summoned are obviously going to provide huge tempo swings, and this guy has that in spades. Although he’s just an under-costed 5/5 costing 6 mana, he makes it up in his effect. When this guy gets dropped on the board, he’s going to destroy a shield on a fort and usually he will kill a defender through burn damage, allowing you to push a fort down pretty easily. He always takes at least 2 cards to deal with him provided he actually destroys a creature. The pushing power is just icing on the cake.

1. Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma.


If you thought Fafneer had a huge edge in the tempo swing, you might have missed this big boy. Not only does he instantly impact the board in multiple ways that are all beneficial to you by burning any number of opposing creatures for a total of 6 damage, but he can do it again with 7 total burn damage when he dies and is dragocross red. With this effect, Izarco goes well with cards like Death and Decay, which wipe a board of 3 drops and smaller while Izarco kills the bigger creatures. In addition to this, Izarco hits the board and changes any of one of your dice to a value of six. You can use the dice modification alone in a multitude of ways. You can use this with cards that rely on 6-value die for effects, like Replenish the Ranks for yellow, which allows one to draw 2 cards entirely for free with a 6-value yellow die. Overall, Izarco himself will usually take your opponents 5-6 drop from them be a huge body on board and while diced makes your opponent scared to kill him as he just kills more stuff. This guy is so strong that decks  are able to just be built around him and very easily steal games just off the value he can generate by himself and that’s why he’s my number one pick for current red cards.

Thanks for reading our first article on Dragoborne! If you have any questions or comments about the article, please leave them in the comments section.

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