Top 5 Yellow Cards in DB-BT01 and First-Run Trial Decks

Hello readers of Cardfight Lab Tech! This will be the first in a series of Dragoborne articles that are planned in the upcoming months. To start off, I will be briefly discussing what I think are the top 5 most impactful cards for each of the 5 color combinations! Our article will focus on yellow cards in the Rally to War, the first released set in the game. Listed below are my top five picks for the top 5 most impactful cards in yellow in Dragoborne in the set Rally to War:

5. Kaddar, Dragonmage Adept


This guy is a pretty exciting card when we get right down to it. He’s a 4/4 body for 4 mana that allows you to draw cards equal to every set of 2 of your yellow creatures. At his best, he will allow you to draw 2 cards when dropped on the field. The fact his effect doesn’t say “other yellow creatures” is a big bonus, since this allows him count himself in his own effect! On average, at 6 resources, you can drop 1 other creature and this guy to draw one card, then patiently try to trade with your guys, putting you up a card.

4. Axion, Herald of Armies


Axion is an odd card due to being overcosted for his stats (without being dragocrossed) but possessing a very strong effect to make up for it. Ideally, this card is dragocrossed most of the time, allowing this card to be a 5/5 creature for 5 mana once dragocrossed. In addition to this, Axion is able to stand when a dragoshield is destroyed and moved to another fort, forcing your opponent to think twice about attack patterns.

3. Sunscale Dragon


Sunscale is the ultimate shield buster, making it a worthy candidate for the top 5 yellow cards. This is possible with its effect, which allows it to restand once a turn after destroying a dragoshield. It can even be used a pseudo defender if all you want it to do is break shields then stay standing to block. Some of Sunscale’s biggest strengths are that he prevents the opponent from trading well or being a threatening blocker since he can single handedly break a shield then force the opponents big guy to block him and due to its defensive stats. To top all off, he draws you a card when he smashes shields! He has a very minor downside though in that he cannot break 6-value dragoshields by himself without some form of additional power and dragocross (e.g. Althaine’s Blessing).

2. Replenish the Ranks


I very well may regret not making this the number one yellow card as of right now. It’s that good. Playing it by paying its 3 mana cost will result in drawing two cards. In addition to this, it conditionally allows you to draw three cards instead if a yellow die that exactly equals 1 and/or allows the card to be played for free if there is a yellow die that exactly equals 6. I would like to emphasize that you need at least a 6-value yellow die roll to make this an optimal card to play. With this card’s reliance on yellow die value, this card excels in any deck that can modify dice values or exchange values. With the proper setup, it’s very common to see 2 of these played in one turn to draw 6 cards for free. This is a card which will only have its potential value rise as future sets release with increased support with dice manipulation and as a mainstay in yellow due to the draw support it provides.

1. Angelica, the Light of Logres


It should be no surprise to see Angelica here. Reason: she lets you play a lot of creatures who like being dragocrossed, and her effect dragocrosses every other creature on the field with the same die that Angelica herself is dragocrossed with. This allows you to enable multiple creatures’ dragocross abilities with the use of one die (e.g. two Remus on the board). Just having multiple cards that want to be crossed is enough due to the 1/1 stat gain. It’s just a bonus if they’re all the same color needed (e.g. Azraeus, Blade of the Justicar). She is going to enable a lot of cool deck builds as the game goes on just due to her first effect alone so her potential moving forward is most certainly there. She’s a solid card on her own because she was given stats that assume she’s always dragocrossed, which her effects incentivizes.

Thanks for reading this article on Dragoborne! If you have any questions or comments about the article, please leave them in the comments section.

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