Reading Old Deck Lists

Whether in Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! or Cardfight!! Vanguard, many blogs have come before that have done card and deck profiles that, for the most part, outlast their immediate usefulness. Formats come and go, cards are added to trading card games, and strategies change. Although these things are bound to happen (cough even here cough), there are some uses for old deck lists and old card profiles. Before I list the reasons, this list is for card and deck profiles for games that are currently being played (and not necessarily for dead card games). With this being the case, old deck lists can tell the player:

  • How certain formats change deck-building strategies. For Vanguard, formats like limit break, legion, and other mechanics encouraged certain types of decks to be built (e.g. legion encouraged faster decks to be built compared to decks built in the break-ride format). Changes in strategies can vary the power, speed, and versatility of deck builds as formats come and go, showing the player how meta games have influenced builds from the past.
  • How some decks stand the test of time. Some deck builds have been able to last through several formats or meta games. If you come across decks that have been given several deck profiles in different periods of time, this is a sign of either continued support of the deck or the strength of the deck despite its age. If it proves to be a sign of continued support, the deck (or deck archetype) might be worth picking up since there might be a trend of continued support in the future. If it proves to be a strong deck despite its age, it could still potentially perform in present tournaments despite the passage of time.
  • How dependent cards can be to changing formats. While the quality of some cards or deck strategies may last the test of time, the quality of some cards are totally reliant on playing against certain, but not all, meta games in the past. This is typically seen when certain cards only show up in certain deck lists or sporadically popup in deck or card profiles. Although these cards may have been relevant only in past formats, this can provide valuable examples of how certain cards are only optimal in certain situations.

I hope this helps in your exploration of the past! If you have any questions or comments, please provide them in the comments section.

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