Amazing Professor, Bigbelly Deck

Amazing Professor, Bigbelly

Amazing Professor, Bigbelly

Although many ancient professors have strolled the grounds of the Great Nature University, the newest professor has arrived to the game: Amazing Professor, Bigbelly. Although this professor is new to the game of Vanguard, his surrounding support and he from The Awakening Zoo are able to mix very well with old cards from the clan in order to enhance the consistent early game Great Nature is known to have along with a late game that recent support has provided. Here is the deck list:

Deck List:

Grade 4 Units
1x Zeroth Dragon of Death Garden, Zoa
1x Air Element, Sebreeze
1x Omniscience Dragon, Afanc
2x Omniscience Dragon, Managarmr
2x Sage-saint Professor, Bigbelly
1x Omniscience Dragon, Hrimthurs
3x Omniscience Dragon, Balaurl
2x Head of the Bastion, Ardillo (G Guardian)
1x Immortality Professor, Sankalpa (G Guardian)
1x Omniscience Dragon, Al-mi’raj (G Guardian)
1x Sheltered Heiress, Spangled (G Guardian)

Grade 3 Units
4x Amazing Professor, Bigbelly
2x Talented Rhinos

Grade 2 Units
4x Compass Lion
4x Artistic Ocelot
4x Binoculus Tiger

Grade 1 Units
4x Revision Scientist, Delibelly (Perfect Guard)
4x Honorary Assistant, Mikesaburo
3x Coiling Duckbill
4x Diligent Assistant, Minibelly (Stride Helper)

Grade 0 Units
2x Chemical Skunk (Stand)
2x Approval Frigate (Critical)
4x Application Researcher, Ponbelly (Critical)
4x Essayist, Yapoon (Stand)
4x Automatism Koala (Heal)
1x Blackboard Parrot (Starter)

Deck Highlights:


Amazing Professor, Bigbelly

This is the main grade 3 of the deck, as mentioned in the introduction to this deck list. When riding or striding this card, the first skill allows the player to place a card to the rearguard, give the placed card 4k power, and the ability to draw a card and retire the placed card if a rearguard was placed. This ability is phrased in such a way that the draw will happen regardless of if the rearguard placed is retired in the end phase or not (in the instance of cards like Denial Griffin, which retires during the battle phase).

The second skill allows Bigbelly to stand a rearguard at the end of battle when successful on the rearguard for the cost of a counterblast, much akin to older Great Nature cards like Tuskmaster and Crayon Tiger.

Omniscience Dragon, Baraurl

This is the bread-and-butter stride of the deck. Baraurl’s skill allows the player to add 4k power to the front row for each G unit face up in the G-zone with an on-hit draw ability. This amount of power snowballs the later the game goes, allowing Great Nature to excel even more in the late game than before. Although the only trade-off to this power up is that the front row rearguards will retire at the end of the turn, several unit abilities in the deck allow the player to draw when those rearguards retire (e.g. Coiling Duckbill).

Managarmr + Talented Rhinos

One of the best late-game plays of the deck. With the combination of Rhinos success ability and Managarmr’s ability, Rhinos can only be guarded with G-guards.

Afanc + Al-mi-raj

Each of these units are included in the deck for certain control matchups. Afanc prevents chosen rearguards from being retired in the Kagero matchup. As an answer to Gredora’s skill, Al-mi-raj can place units in the disabled column before the player is unable to during his or her turn.

Sage-Saint Professor, Bigbelly + Hrimthurs

This combination can be used if the player is able to finish off the opponent on first or second stride. This is possible with a rearguard powered up by Hrimthurs or Sage-Saint’s ability while being able to attack again thanks to either stand triggers, Sage-Saint’s ability, or Amazing Professor’s success ability on the rearguard. Although this can be effective, similar turns with Baraurl seem to be more powerful. With this being said, these units are most effective when used in the right, occasional situation.

Mikesaburo + Coiling Duckbill + Blackboard Parrot

These units allow end phase retires to be refunded by drawing a card when a chosen rearguard retires (Coiling Duckbill and Blackboard Parrot) or by allowing the player to search a grade 3 from the deck when a chosen rearguard retires (Mikesaburo).

Binoculus Tiger + Artistic Ocelot + Compass Lion

These units, which consist of the entire grade 2 lineup, provide retires consistently as soon as the player can ride to grade 2. Compass Lion retires a rearguard in the beginning of the end phase, while Tiger and Ocelot can give a rearguard unit 4k power and retire it in the end phase when they attacks (note that Tiger must attack a vanguard for the skill, while Ocelot just needs to attack to gain the skill).


Images of cards came from!!_Vanguard_Wiki. These images may have been re-sized.

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