How to Choose a Clan

Vanguard is a game that is full of groups that are defined a unifying lore, a similar look, and a centralized mechanic. As almost every player knows since the beginning of their time playing this game, these groups are known as clans. There are a total of 24 clans in this game to choose from, which can supply some complexity when trying to decide which ones to play for either the competitive or casual side of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Even thought the player may want to choose multiple clans in the time that he or she plays this game, it is at least important to decide what clan to choose for the sake of building a deck due to clan fight format rules that are in place.

When deciding a clan to play in this game, there are several considerations that should be taken into account. Specifically, there are certain traits in each clan that can help the aspiring card fighter determine whether or not a clan is the right purchase for him or her. These traits include:

  • Price.  When entering into a trading card game, the price of entry (or the price for the player to start playing the game/deck) can be an important consideration. Before deciding what clan to play, try to have a budget set for how much money you want to invest in one deck. After deciding this, start researching the prices for how much it will take to build decks from the clan that you are considering building a deck for. For more information about how to play Vanguard on a budget, go to this link for more tips and information.
  • Aesthetics and Lore. Since you may be playing with the clan that you choose for a long time, you might as well like the way the cards in the clan look. This mainly consists of the artwork that can be found on the cards, the creature type and/or race of the unit, and the flavor text found on the card. For those who want to research further, each clan will also have a unique lore that influences the aesthetic of the clan’s units. Overall, these aspects could provide a certain mood is trying to attain while playing the clan. Although these aspects do not matter to some, players who are looking for a certain look and feel for their cards should consider this.
  • Clan Mechanic. Each clan has a unique game mechanic that it can use in each fight. Some clans can utilize such skills to gain other advantages, such as increased amount of attacks, card advantage, etc. Such clan mechanics include standing units on attacks, locking rearguard units, retiring rearguard units, and many more. Since there are as many unique mechanics as there are clans, it takes research and game experience to see each clan mechanic in action.

When these traits are identified, the player can use them as tools for whether the player would want to play with a certain clan or not. Most of these traits can be found for each clan with more research into each clan. If you are looking for general information about each clan, the Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki clan page contains a glossary that this wiki has on each and every clan, including more information about clan mechanics, artwork, and lore. Each clan’s can be accessed by clicking their respective emblems on the page. Coming soon, a clan guide will be provided on this site as well.

I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put them in the comments section.

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