Top 5 Green Cards in DB-BT01 and First-Run Trial Decks

Hello readers of Cardfight Lab Tech! This will be the first in a series of Dragoborne articles that are planned in the upcoming months. To start off, I will be briefly discussing what I think are the top 5 most impactful cards for each of the 5 color combinations! Our first article will focus on green cards in the Rally to War, the first released set in the game. Listed below are my top five picks for the top 5 most impactful cards in green in Dragoborne in the set Rally to War:

5. Fal’thalas, the Lost Wind


This guy is quite interesting to say  due to his early game applications and his usability through the mid and late game. He’s a 1 mana drop that can essentially break any dragoshield barring a 6 roll while diced and on top of that he just eats through red forts early if they leave blockers. His upside most certainly outweighs his downside, which is his 1 health pool. Although this is the case, a 1 mana drop that can bust nearly any shield is too good to overlook, especially when it opens the way for one of the better blue cards mentioned in a later article.

4. Mischievous Sprite


I love cards that directly impact the board when they are played, and Mischievous Sprite definitely fits this category. She pumps up your green creatures when dragocrossed with a green die, making pushing or defending with creatures easier. Despite this, the real application is that she destroys ambushes in a format where ambushes are very prominent in multiple ways.

3. Tanglewood Druid


This is a card that might not be very strong now, but it most certainly has many future applications to the game. If not answered right away, she will let you play any color cards from your hand and pump its stats to 3/3, which is fantastic for a 1 mana creature drop. I placed her on this place in my list due to her large future potential card. Although she may not receive attention right away,  she most certainly will in time.

2. Eleanor, Queen of Storm


She’s very straightforward in what she does: disrupt or prevent ambushes from the opponent. If she is dragocross green, she shuts down ambushes for the entire turn. If you choose not to dice her, she will destroy an ambush on any opposing fort on attack. With her abilities, she ensures that creatures attacking opposing forts are not stopped by powerful opposing ambushes, allowing such creatures to push for game-winning turns more securely.

1. Springleaf Angel


This is what I would consider green’s bomb. While others consider Teraxx to be green’s best card, springleaf is a 5 drop 8/8 if played in a mono-green deck or potentially a 5 drop 6/6 before dragocrossed and the player has 3 green resources. She has limitless power scaling, specifically when you consider ramp and she will survive any red spell that tries to kill her with raw damage, requiring multiple cards to deal with her. If you do happen to have her dragocrossed green, you can stand a rested opposing unit and force it to block her, potentially killing opposing creature threats in combat. Although this is a powerful effect, she only can target rested units with this skill. Despite this one detail, the combination of this ability and her ability to gain potentially limitless power makes her an absurd card now and in future sets.

Thanks for reading this article on Dragoborne! If you have any questions or comments about the article, please leave them in the comments section.

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